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Issue 15

Issue 15

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(Outside Europe)
  • THE BRITISH STANDARD ON FIREWORKS - Now published and in force. We survey the trade's reactions -and its effect on you. Chris Philips answers queries
  • BAT, KITES AND THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE DAY - People will ask for the most unusual firework spectaculars - as Andrew Fielder of Dragonfire explains
  • TWO WEEKS OF DISPLAYS - George Amabilino goes in search of fireworks - Le Maitre, Kimbolton, Hellfire and Phoenix provide them
  • STANDARD FIREWORKS - A visit to their Huddersfield factory by John Bennett
  • HALLOWE'EN FIREWORKS AT BITS PARK - Caroline Menis describes Theatre of Fire's Carlisle event
  • FIREWORKS IN MALTA - Alfred Magri on the Santa Marija Club
  • HASTINGS CELEBRATES ARMADA DAY John Bennett describes the fireworks
  • STEVE CROWE - An obituary by Wilf Scott of this well-liked and respected pyrotechnician
  • 4TH OF JULY IN ORANGE CALIFORNIA - Chris Squyres provides his annual description
  • 'VENDEUR DE REVES' - An interview with Pierre-Alain Hubert


    LETTERS; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS - 18 new books, 4 new videos; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through books, periodicals and newspapers; ROUND UP of news and events; GUY FAWKES - editorial; AMERICOROUND; PICTURES of the fireworks for Malta's Santa Marija celebrations; Standard Fireworks staff; Theatre of Fire at Carlisle


    The firework trade between USA and China from 1794-1850; A crime boss provides 4 hour display - safely; Reorganisation of British Pyrotechnists' Association?; Brock's displays in Australia; Bonfire societies on the British Standard; A testing service for fireworks under the BS; Rev Lancaster and the Dashwoods of West Wycombe; Bill Davis nearly shoots down French president's helicopter!; Costa Rica - where fireworks signal the start of church services; Annual firework days around the world; Shrewsbury Flower Show - and Kimbolton Fireworks; Country Guy Fawkes' celebrations remembered; Buying a firework display; Guy Fawkes celebrations through American eyes; Astra Fireworks - a visit to their factory; International Pyrotechnics Seminar to be hosted by United Kingdom; Grand Perth firework finale; New Fireworks competition with prizes donated by Standard Fireworks; Statement by Consumer Affairs Minister on fireworks; Cliffe Bonfire; Protective wear for pyrotechnists; Pyro smiles.


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