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Back issues

Issue 17

Issue 17

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • RON LANCASTER looks forward to the future of the British firework trade, asking 'Quo Vadis?'
  • LOU NADIN looks back with more of those sights, sounds and smells from the 30s - an orgy of firework nostalgia
  • CHRIS SQUYRES provides Fireworks' annual look at his unconventional Independence Day celebrations
  • JACK LEONARD looks at another US firework occasion - New Year's Eve in Winchester, Virginia
  • `How Times Change' recalls the 30s when the Cub Scout Magazine was still allowed to assert that fireworks are fun!
  • GEORGE AMABILINO provides descriptions of 10 unusual displays in 1989 - including Dusselva Festival and Glenlivet
  • EILEEN AMABILINO presents a diary of a typical month in the life of those remarkable Amabilinos
  • LOU NADIN describes the fireworks he won in Fireworks' Astra Fireworks competition
  • JANE CROKER reviews Victorian Dreams - fireworks by David Clough and Rick Faulkner in Bitts Park
  • BARRY STURMAN completes his history of Pains-Wessex
  • COLIN SEARLE recalls Festival Fireworks' Armada 400 display
  • TONY HINES reports that Brockham Bonfire is 'still getting higher'
  • CYRIL STAFFORD provides a useful, illustrated guide to small display technique


    INFORMATION EXCHANGE; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through books, periodicals and newspapers; PICTURES of an early Phoenix display, Standard and Wessex Fireworks, fireworks being made by Phoenix Fireworks in the 30s, Gloucester Docks display; GUY FAWKES - editorial; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS - 23 new books, videos, prints, post card sets and periodicals; LETTERS; ROUND UP; ILLUSTRATIONS of early, little known advert from Pains, and cartoons from Guy Fawkes past.


    Fusillades - just what were they?; History of Randle's Fireworks - once the biggest in London; Rockets and their history; Labels available for exchange; Cases and chemicals available for sale from factory clear-out (to trade only); A lady with a future in fireworks; Troubles with Chinese imports; Alain Hubert in USA; Country life editor argues for fireworks; Beautiful Lady Brocket gets a helping hand - from Fantastic Fireworks; Harrogate display; Fireworks - ideal for business promotions; Crystal Palace FC get lit up - with fireworks; Charlton Athletic to follow?; New Standard Education & Training Centre opened by Consumer Affairs Minister; Birmingham's firework 'Show of the Century'; Guy Fawkes was a late corner! Early celebrations; BB Wholesale, Astra, Esco, Brock's, Standard, Octavius Hunt, Tom Smith; Firework photography review; Those dreadfullystodgy firework articles - let's liven them up; Fireworks - the result of a search for the elixir of life; Packaging fireworks at Standard; Sad loss of Lion and Excelsior MDs; British Standard in its first year; European St nadard to come; Glitter effects; A familyof Bonfire videos and memorabilia; Last volume of Shimizu; How much should a display cost?; Why Standard don't export to USA; Phoenix Fireworks on the move; Firework directories again; Theatrical Pyrotechnics' production plan; Rye fireworks; Lancework insults!


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