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Back issues

Issue 19

Issue 19

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • A VOICE FELL LIKE A FALLING STAR - EXCELSIOR The Editor traces the history of Excelsior Fireworks B.S.I.
  • REPORT ON THE EUROPEAN STANDARD ON FIREWORKS Roger Tanfield reviews progress to date
  • CATERING FOR FIREWORKS Ian Driver describes how Midland Fireworks grew from a sparkler
  • BOOK REVIEW: FIREWORK USERS' GUIDE The Editor reviews a consumer guide to fireworks
  • DRAGONFIRE AT ALTON TOWERS Peter Stone describes the Spectacular
  • KEEPING UP STANDARDS: A CLOSE LOOK AT THE STANDARD FIREWORKS SHOP RANGE The Editor compiles a consumer report based on a study of Standard's 136 product range
  • NOTTINGHAM CASTLE FESTIVAL '90 C. W. Stafford was there
  • A STANDARD FOR AMERICA B. J. Kosanke describes the new American display standard
  • HARDSHIPS OF A HOME INDUSTRY E. S. Turner remembers his childhood manufacturing


    PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through books, periodicals and newspapers; PICTURES of '50's nostalgia from Standard, Dragonfire at Alton Towers, The Drivers of Midland Fireworks, Excelsior fireworks and staff; GUY FAWKES - editorial; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS - 8 books, 4 videos, and periodicals; ROUND UP; ILLUSTRATIONS; LETTERS from Rainer Davis, Roy Jackson, Bill Davis, Dr J. V. Howarth, Barry Sturman and Jack Leonard


    Changes in the British Standard?; Expansion and record profits at Standard; Sohni (Esco)'swithdrawl from fireworks; Light at the end of the Astra tunnel; Small company's search for a site; Shop sales increase; Changes at The Firework Company; New British Weco rockets outlet; Haley & Weller move into British Standard testing; The Brenda Kane story - Art Director at Dragonfire; Brock's packaging in a new book; The pyrotechnical ghost of Ripon; Egypt celebrates - with fireworks; Again - the Grand Old Lady of Phoenix Fireworks; China dumping fireworks in U. S.?; John Conkling in Scientific American; Ball lightning - or fireworks?; Remembering the Fifth - old times at Southport; Standard's new computer system; The Craig family of pyrotechnists; Good press coverage; The man who studies guys at Guy Fawkes; Firework menus; A history of Pain's: Guy Fawkes to John Deeker; Sandling expansion plans; Penalties for selling to children; Edinburgh Festival; Andrew Joliffe of Fox Fireworks; Pyroballets; International Pyrotechnics Seminar; The Prime Minister - and fireworks; Fireworks not part of the new consolidated firearms legislation - official; Write to Fireworks - and the H. S. E. listen; Winners of the issue 18 competitions; The Firework Company's free safety kits; U. S. provides perfect argument for free retail sale; The pyrotechnic dentist; Fireworks in Fire Prevention (what? ...); Snakes in Maryland; The Kwong Man Lung Firework Company - an office in a time warp; Is firework marketing too flashy?


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