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Back issues

Issue 20

Issue 20

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • THIRTY SEVEN YEARS WITH THE STARS The Larry Oliver story - which encompasses Phoenix, Britannia, Astra, Benwell, Rainbow and Wells' Fireworks - is told by John Bennett
  • AND ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE John Whiteway provides an amusing account of his first ever display
  • FLOREAT KIMBOLTON: THE DREAM FACTORY Ronald Lancaster describes Europe's newest firework factory at Kimbolton
  • CANASTRA A collection of memories of Astra Fireworks from Norman Harris, Joan Sandwell, and Malcolm Pay
  • I AM PROUD TO SAY I WORKED FOR STANDARD FIREWORKS George Kelly proudly remembers his service to the company
  • ASTRA DOWN UNDER Barry Sturman describes his use of Astra's Australian exports
  • ON DISPLAY George Amabilino recalls the major displays of 1990, covering 24 events
  • DIRECTORY of 41 companies, tabulating their services
  • TRADE NEWS of 26 companies detailing the new fireworks and services
  • THE FIREWORK COMPANY COMPETITION Framed photograph to be won


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; DIARY - The biggest yet, providing details of 84 events; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals, newspapers and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of the new Kimbolton factory -and staff; The Forth Bridge display; Standard's factory in 1951; with nostalgic adverts and pictures of Astra Fireworks; ROUND UP of news and information; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS: 7 new items; LETTERS


    Fireworks is ten years old!; The elusive picture of Lion's Mary Ann Kilner; Standard celebrate their centenary; C.S. cease trading; New staff at Festival; National firework museum founded - at the V & A; Standards safety distances likely to change; New regulations which might shock you; Encouraging accident figures - serious incidents down 7 %; Firework Company to relocate; Massive sales at U.S.A's round the year firework stands; New York bootleggers' paradise; Sussex firework traditions - and Bonfire; 'Days of cheap, novel Chinese fireworks over' - Feistel & Benwell; Firework sales rising; Ron Lancaster speaks at Witton Castle and considers the use of kerosine; Guy Fawkes' birth place sold; The American firework families: Gruccis, Zambellis, Souzas, Rozzis; Ron Lancaster's artistic integrity - admiration from U.S.A.; Early Brock's fireworks discovered; Fantastic Fireworks to move; Computerised fireworks; New despatch service to Fireworks readers; Bonfire Council seminar; Memories of Brock's at the Crystal Palace; Firing near an airport? Tell the C.A. A. ; Searching for Darby; Fireworks in Australia.


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