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Back issues

Issue 21

Issue 21

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • THE KIMBOLTON TEST DRIVE John Bennett tests the complete range of Kimbolton shop goods - and small display fireworks
  • MY GREAT GRANDFATHER STARTED A FIREWORK COMPANY Ben Jessop provides a history of the famous company, Jessop's fireworks, whose factory in Huddersfield was taken over by Standard
  • SOHNI (ESCO) TAKEN OVER BY LONE STAR TOYS LTD. Roy Jackson reports how Esco are concentrating on fireworks again
  • FROM BARROW BOY TO MANAGEMENT John Bennett interviews Reg Harden who, at 83, recalls his 59 years at Brock's and Astra
  • BLAKE'S PROGRESS John Bennett writes of the exciting inauguration of Blake's Fireworks - by the originator of Le Maitre
  • A TALE OF TWO CITIES Chris Squyres compares two very different years - the last in which fireworks were legal in Orange, California, and the first in which they were illegal
  • DAY TRIP TO THE CORONATION Lou Nadin witnessed the 1953 Brock's display
  • VALENCIA Tom Archer provides an entertaining and unusual account


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; DIARY - Details of 21 Summer displays; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals, newspapers and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of the new Kimbolton garden and small display range, of Ben Jessop, of Essex Pyrotechnics' record breaking wheel, of Astra's Firework Lorry (with staff), of fireworks and ninots at Valencia, of Brock's shop goods range circa 1930, of a post war Brock's advert, plus a Siggs cartoon; ROUND UP of news and information; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS: 3 new videos, numerous new books; LETTERS; INFORMATION EXCHANGE; PYRO SMILES


    Hoarding a party popper? you may be raided! - new regulations; Changes in Euro standard safety distances - it's common sense at last; The death of the British banger?; Touch paper to be regulated out of existence?; Where have bonfire blazers gone?; Government view is in favour of fireworks - Consumer Affairs Minister; News of forthcoming new directory; New Lancaster on its way; New packaging and transport regulations; The line rocket - invented by Hengler, or Trengrouse?; True Lovers' Knot., Persian Rose - where are they now?; The Souzas - a U.S. firework family; U.S. newspaper backs firework freedom; Bright and coloured side - how did it begin?; Firework reviews in U.S.; Catching shopkeepers at under-aged selling; The U.S. Fire Department who burned illegal fireworks - and got its fingers burned!; The Rangefinder to judge distances on displays; Ron Lancaster, Martin Guest, Wilf Scott, Andrew Joliffe, John Woodhead & Fireworks - subjects of Guy Fawkes newspaper reading; Guy Fawkers are pillars of the establishment - The Daily Telegraph; The Firework Company success story; Standard Centenary display; Standard win international acclaim; Kimbolton's international competition win; Tom Archer - going for the record with his Big Wheel; International Symposium on fireworks; Montreal's Summer of fireworks; Phoenix Firework Displays - changes; Gunpowder Plot house bought by National Trust; Standard computerisation; I.C.I. data sheets; Salisbury Cathedral display - Skyfires entertain over 10,000 audience; The firework that was invented to use up obsolete tubes - and became a best seller; The formation of a British P.G.I?; Firework news from Lutherville, Maryland, U.S.A.


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