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Issue 23

Issue 23

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(Outside Europe)
  • FIRE IN THE BLOOD Rainer Davis was born in the Wallops (home of Wallop Fireworks). How could he avoid fireworks? He has never tried!
  • THE WONDROUS WHEEL The full story of the Guinness Book of Records record-breaking wheel (diameter over 45 feet) told by Bruce Bassman
  • FOOLS RUSH IN Chris Philip 's life in fireworks began in Malta. His story tells of its trials, tribulations and rewards, with many amusing anecdotes
  • THE END OF THE RAINBOW. Sequel to Chasing the Rainbow; this article deals with the fireworks themselves, the major explosion - and life after it. By John Bennett
  • 4th JULY IN ORANGE, CALIFORNIA No fireworks are allowed in his home county. So Chris Squyres tells how he moved on to indulge his love of them
  • MORE RECOLLECTIONS Lou Nadin opens the sliding glass case and reveals that nostalgic smell of fireworks past. The story starts in 1924


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; DIARY of displays; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of the Wondrous Wheel; Rainbow fireworks, staff; Wells' - and Brock's - hand tools; Pain's Celebration for the Spire Display; S0 ft Guy Fawkes; American firework selection; Nostalgic PICTURES; ROUND UP of news and information - with PYRO SMILES; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS with new videos; LETTERS.


    Dangerous criminals who ask a penny for the guy!; Correcting misconceptions on the plan to introduce licensing of firework displays; Latest on the European Standard - and plans for an international standard; Completely new Brock's range for 1993; Standard Fireworks successes; Pain's Centenary; Changes in storage regulations; Planning blight on firework stores!; Bans on shop fireworks lead to further (display) restrictions - U.S. & Australia used as examples; Two new firework videos; New regulations (surprise! surprise!); Firework theft at gunpoint; Millennium firework celebrations; Breakthrough in lancework; Memorial unveiled with fireworks; Fireworks all the year round from Jack of all Trades; Guy Fawkes newspaper survey; Blue in fireworks; Ron Lancaster; The Ottery St Mary fire festival; More on the Battle Rouser; Smuggling Brock's fireworks across the Canadian/U.S. border; Pyro collectors' club formed; Free drink for charity firework displays; Those amazing Christopher Ross displays in Canada; Kimbolton enter Benson & Hedges; Blake's production starts; New head torch; Regulating noise in fireworks; Record breaking Edenbridge Guy Fawkes; Amusing tales from Valencia; Going out with a bang - ashes scattered from 4 oz. rockets; Firework freedom - as seen by Lou Nadin; Wells' and Brock's hand tools; More on benzoate; Threat to the future of Lewes Bonfire


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