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Back issues

Issue 24

Issue 24

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • GUY FAWKES' NIGHT IN... MINERAL WELLS, TEXAS Larry Crump tells the story of the re-creation of a British tradition for ex-patriots - and Americans who'll accept any excuse for fireworks!
  • KIMBOLTON... CONTINUED Ron Lancaster expresses his views on the plethora of regulations facing Kimbolton
  • FISHY TALES FROM SKINNINGROVE Richard Baker describes a unique annual firework event and invites you to be there
  • LE MAITRE'S YEAR Wilf Scott supplies an account of his world of fireworks
  • JAMES PAIN & SONS Eric Montague provides an illustrated history of the company's Mitcham days - 1872 - 1965
  • GUY FAWKES AVENUE Geoffrey Holloway describes his pyrotechnic street
  • DIRECTORY of 56 companies; TRADE NEWS covering 28
  • STEPHEN HISCOCK Bill Davis pays his last respects to a great firework enthusiast, who tragically died in May


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; DIARY of 180 displays; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of Pain 's presentation, Pyro-Tech award, Standard Fireworks van model, the Skinningrovefish, Firework Co. , the Standard 1/2 dummy board, Pain's at Mitcham, Brockham Bonfire; Nostalgic PICTURES; ROUND UP of news and information - with PYRO SMILES; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS with new video; BOOK REVIEW of the Fireworks Manual; LETTERS.


    Those Black Cat fireworks - now available in U.K. - full description; An all-new Brock's range described; Where do Fireworks readers come from?; Summary of results of the reader questionnaire; Firework compositions which replace gunpowder; Firework code available - in April, and in Welsh!; Western manufacturers can survive the Eastern challenge; Ron Lancaster fills the Redwing Bar with smoke; Dennis Manochio - collector extraordinaire; Dragonfire earn plaudits at Tatton Park; Ron Lancaster writes in Chemistry Review; Kentish available again; New pyrotechnic journal; New video magazine, and new magazine for collectors; Some firework literature to avoid; Bonfire and Ottery; New regulations... but of course!; New guide to pyrotechnic law and regulation; The Wizard returns; Amsterdam firework contrasts; Over-priced fireworks; The joy fireworks bring in firework-free Australian state; Benzoate... again; Brockham; Police insistence on 1-100 stewarding levels at display: worrying precedent?; Toy rockets escape firework rules; 19th International Pyrotechnics Seminar - all you need to know to attend; The New Zealand infiltrator!; Ron Lancaster to speak in the West country; A dummy board of 1/2d. Standard fireworks; Big Chinese display with cycling rockets!; Standard Fireworks van model - available at reduced price to Fireworks readers - if you're quick!; Pyro-Tech and Pain's - winners of awards; How Larry Crump took a bomb to PGI!


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