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Back issues

Issue 25

Issue 25

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • ROCKETS Ron Lancaster describes the problems encountered in making them - and recalls Brock's Bolide
  • FIREWORKS IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Karel Panek considers the difficult transition to a free market and describes the fireworks available - illustrated in colour
  • BRIAN ISSOTT GE Wilkinson (Chief Inspector ofExplosives) provides an obituary on the firework man turned regulator who tragically died in August 1993
  • CRANE'S FIREWORKS 1887-1938 A detailed, profusely illustrated, history, with experiences of those who worked there -by Alan Bryant and John Bennett
  • NANNY STATE Peter Simple doesn't like it either - and says so, in relation to fireworks
  • A LETTER FROM AMERICA Larry Crump considers the U.S. scene
  • BROCK'S SHOP GOOD SURVEY We consider the new Oriental range
  • FRONTIER ON FIRE A description of a series of displays by the man who designed them - Mik Amabilino
  • PYROTECHNICA PANZERA Chris Pearce describes how the company fired from barges in Cannes
  • PROFILE OF A WIZARD Interview with the son of the founder of Wizard Fireworks
  • ANTIPODEAN JOTTINGS Barry Sturman discusses a number of burning issues


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; DIARY of events & displays; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of Wells ' factory at Dartford, Crane's factory, site plan, staff and fireworks, Pain's Round the World Yacht Race - in colour, Pyros Praha shop goods & posters - in colour, Kimbolton team - & trophy, Octavius Hunt shop goods range, Essex at Guinness Book of Records party, Panzera Cannes site; Nostalgic PICTURES; ROUND UP of news and information; PYRO SMILES; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS with new videos; LETTERS; CARTOONS by Paul White, Viper & Griff


    The jumping jack that leapt 30 feet; A new firework factory run by enthusiasts; That 'X' certificate safety campaign; Brock Archive auctioned; Eliminate red tape... but not firework import licences; Burning firework waste; North Carolina beats the do-gooders; Joseph Wells factory - will it survive?; Panther on the move; Kimbolton win major award; Standard competition win; Benson & Hedges '94 - details; Pyro-Tec win Livewire award; Octavius Hunt - back in fireworks; New staff at Midland; New U.S. firework association formed; Go across the road to enjoy fireworks legally!; 4 major firework functions in '94 - details; Pain's start Round the World race; Bring your fireworks to a communal firing - organised by the Fire Dept.!; Fantastic take enthusiasts to Villefranche; U.S. firework market; Plimpton & Hubert at firework competition; U.S. readership survey; Essex Pyrotechnics - they're in the Guinness Book of Records; New Essex firing system; The dog who chases rockets; How Wichita Falls revived itself - with fireworks; Trends in U.S. displays - they're looking to U.K.; Bill Withrow - a tribute; Lancaster and Adams - good reading; Life & death - how the Maltese view fireworks; Fireworks in the bath!; Dennis Manochio; 3 consumer surveys in '93; Insurance; That gunpowder substitute: it's in use; Guy Fawkes' Night date change?; We do not need to reduce ranges; Firework pollution - oh! no; Guy Fawkes was innocent; Firecrackers in Bolivia; Bob Cardwell's Texas Guy Fawkes; Carrott on fireworks - the full text.


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