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Issue 26

Issue 26

sponsored by Vulcan Fireworks

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(Outside Europe)
  • HISTORY OF WIZARD FIREWORKS 1950-1963 John Bennett tells the amazing story of the most meteoric rise - and fall in the history of the British firework industry. Illustrated in colour
  • AUTHORISATION, CLASSIFICATION AND PACKAGING Tom Smith provides a 4-paged easy-to-read guide to the maze of regulation and legislation
  • THE MAN FROM THE MINISTRY John Bennett provides a profile of firework enthusiast, manufacturer, and display artist, Tony Cardell, who is also pyrotechnics expert for the Ministry of Defence
  • PLEASE TO REMEMBER More nostalgic verse from Geoffrey Holloway
  • TWELVE DISPLAYS IN TEN DAYS It must be George Amabilino
  • DISPLAY DIARY 240 events arranged by date, with place highlighted. Newly and economically arranged into 2 pages
  • AN AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVE Barry Sturman considers more burning issues from Down Under
  • DIRECTORY of 58 companies
  • TRADE NEWS New products and services from 31 companies
  • Dr WILLIAM BROWNE Ken Authrey provides a much requested biography of the famous pyrotechnist
  • STATESIDE VIEWS from our resident U.S. pyrotechnophile, Larry Crump
  • THE PAUL WHITE CARTOON A pyrotechnical Christmas


    GUY FAWKES Editorial; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through recent periodicals and books; PHOTOGRAPHS of Wizard staff, fireworks and posters, including double paged colour spread, Crane's window poster and label, Firework Co. staff, U.S. fireworks stand, old rockets and minishells; Nostalgic PICTURES, cartoons & drawings; ROUND UP of news and information; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS; LETTERS


    5 courses for display operators - 3 free of charge & organised by Jon Adams - full details; Standard at Acapulco?; Explo '94 -full details; Delivering fireworks... and lambs? That's Fantastic; The return of the mini rocket; Pain's simulate bombing and air battles; Fantastic win major award; Firework Co. go Enid Blyton; Watching fireworks under umbrellas; Fireworld will not return - Uncle Sam crackers are the reason; Rainer Davis of Skyfires produces a bang for t.v.; Alarmed buildings - whatever next?; H.S.E. meet operators to ease regulations fears; Better safety campaign?; 1993 figures; Cessation of sale of Cat. 4 to general public; European Standard update; New firers' qualification - will it be compulsory?; Shop goods flourish; Lion dummy boards available; That Brock auction; Australian regulations; Peking bans shop goods; More on Pyros Praha; Children's books with firework stories; Ron Lancaster in print again; Newick B.S. newsletter; Codes of practice; Syd Howard - biographical information; How Leeds Castle display is set up; Firework Co. in the news; Ron Lancaster, Colin Lindsey (Le Maitre) and the `Security of Explosives missive'; Dragonfire at Tatton Park; Chris Brain at P.G.I.; Shells we have known; Magic Whips reviewed; U.S. sales - and rockets; Re-loadables to go?; More on Crane's; Pyrotechnic Society of Malta - controversial proposals.


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