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Back issues

Issue 28

Issue 28

sponsored by Octavius Hunt

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • JOSEPH WELLS & SONS To mark the end of the Dartford factory, Ron Harris provides a lively and authoritative history
  • VE DAY PLYMOUTH An entertaining off-beat account from the 'By Enemy Action' man Steve Johnson
  • FIREWORK STATISTICS At last... a rational look at accident statistics - from Barry Sturman
  • LIVERPOOL FESTIVAL, 1951 Lou Nadin was there and paints the picture as only Lou can
  • LAURIE HINCHLEY PROFILE John Bennett interviews the man whose career started dipping sparklers - and ended in a directorship
  • DIRECTORY of companies - with more information this year
  • TRADE NEWS of what's on offer this year
  • CHEMISTRY OF FIREWORKS COURSE Chris Pearce has done his homework
  • SKYFIRES FIREWORKS Rainer Davis looks forward - and back
  • BYGONE DAYS AT ASTRA FIREWORKS Amy Hemmings describes her days at Sandwich
  • AN AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVE Barry Sturman considers more burning issues from Down Under
  • A RETAIL CELEBRATION Howard Garman describes the first in a chain of firework shops - open all the year round VIETNAM Mark Ribbands reports on the end of firecrackers in the country
  • STATESIDE VIEWS from our resident U.S. pyrotechnophile, Larry Crump.
  • THE PAUL WHITE CARTOON keeps us smiling
  • OCTAVIUS HUNT John Bennett looks at the latest big players in the firework business


GUY FAWKES Editorial; PHOTOGRAPHS of Astra Fireworks factory at Sandwich, Octavius Hunt factory, U.S. shop goods, VE Day Plymouth; Nostalgic PICTURES, cartoons & drawings; ROUND UP of news and information; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS 8 new items; LETTERS; DIARY of over 300 displays


Big news of a new 'shop goods' firework factory in England; The price of uniformity of regulation - will the European Standard happen?; New code of practice in face of British Standard problems; Glyn Ford has asked questions in the European Parliament on firework standards - was that wise?; DTI help out with de-regulation but everyone seems more confused; Fireworks frighten some animals. But then so do thunder storms; Silly talk about Chinese new year; Sound logic on fireworks - from 1900!; The Boxer rocket and Schermuly; Advertisers announce new and re-furbished firework stores - and natural resins, gums and waxes; Two new firework journals; At last - a firework dictionary; Two new display manuals; Why the Catherine wheel is so called; Benson & Hedges results; Seminar in Moscow; Hastings Bonfire - the Boyes are back in town; Pain's, Fantastic, firework courses - and Kosankes will be back in 1996; The hazardous waste directive and fireworks; U.S. shop goods; New Chinese firework video; U.S. follows Britain in display technique; New firework consumer guide book: it's good; Amalgamation at Theatrical Pyrotechnics; Fireworks for 'Much Ado' - in the lake!; Those Gatton Park Brock's displays - more comes to light.


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