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Back issues

Issue 29

Issue 29

sponsored by Midland Fireworks

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • VJ DAY FIREWORK DISPLAY Tom Smith describes England's biggest ever firework display
  • BIRDS OF FIRE George Amabilino provides an account of the other display on The Thames
  • BANGERS Lou Nadin reports on reports. Complete with nostalgic odours!
  • SPACE, PEACE AND FIREWORKS IN THE SUMMER ALPS An evocative description of an Alpine festival - from Jeremy Best CHEMISTRY OF PYROTECHNICS COURSE Bonnie Kosanke on the return of the popular course
  • AMERICOROUND A survey of the American firework press
  • PGI CONVENTION Paul Birch went back for a second helping
  • JOSEPH WELLS & SONS 2nd part ofRon Harris ' acclaimed history. Beginnings of fireworks at Disney & Mickey Mouse Fireworks AN AUSTRALIAN PERSPECTIVE Barry Sturman provides a Write Up from Down Under
  • BAD GUY, GOOD GUY Are we wrapped in cotton wool where fireworks are concerned? This article suggests we are CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME Chris Squyres provides his annual account
  • STATESIDE VIEWS from our resident U.S. pyrotechnophile, Larry Crump.
  • OBITUARY Philip Burcham, tragically, has died. Maurice Evans with a mark of respect for this likeable and eminent firework man

AND REGULAR FEATURES: GUY FAWKES Editorial; PHOTOGRAPHS: VJ Day, Wells fireworks, factory, Wilf Wells etc., many in colour, Blockbuster Firework stand, Firework Co. Seminar, PGI; Nostalgic cartoons & drawings, including German print; ROUND UP of news and information; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS 6 new books, 2 videos, 4 periodicals; LETTERS; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE; PYRO SMILES.

WITH: Campaign for Firework Reform wants to make friends. Err..; New industry code of practice; European Standard bans 5" shells - ready this year for public comment; Are shop goods getting too powerful?; Re-writing of Explosives Act; U.S. continues to liberate fireworks from state bans; Company report on firework pollution - self interest is the reason; Pollution provides fireworks with their sternest test yet - European directive; More questions on policing under-16 sales; Call to ban fireworks - we name the 25 guilty MPs; MP says call in bonfire societies as consultants; Ruggieri re-printed - we like it!; Dreams about fireworks; Hammond's fireworks come to light; An international firework directory published; Standard Fireworks front page news; Guy Fawkes bonfire - stolen!; Insurance, burglaries.. and fireworks; Bonfire; Consumer tests in newspapers; Skyhigh break-in; New firework ignition system and the NoMatch replacement for quickmatch; John Seaman - pyrotechnist; Pyrovision on VE Day; References to Fantastic, Theatrical Pyrotechnics, Shell Shock, Pain's etc.; 'Taggants' to solve crimes - just another expense for the firework industry?; Multitubes tested on a hill!; Fireworks on an Indian reservation; Licensing firework displays; Definition of manufacturer; Exemption for fusing off site - and lancework; 7 major firework-related events - we have full details; Firework gathering in Malta; What will happen to Health & Safety Laboratory?; In defence of firework accident figures - by the Consumer Affairs Minister; Kimbolton at Burwash; How Atlas choreographs its displays; Broker setting up insurance service for firework displays; New camcorder for displays; Internet - and fireworks; D'Ernst - major firework artist.


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