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Back issues

Issue 33

Issue 33

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

  • The Fireworks Bill: If you think it's just about training, you should read this, and wave goodbye to Cat 3. The most detailed analysis available
  • Hong Kong Hand-over Display: Mark Lancaster of Kimbolton Fireworks tells the story of the company's display
  • The News from Down Under: Barry Sturman's Antipodean Jottings
  • Internet Round-up: Paul Tierney features the argument over whether scissors are suitable to cut fuse
  • Spain/Malta: Rob Driessen returns to Valencia and Malta
  • British Fireworks Championship: Natasha Webb considers the competitors and describes the displays
  • Orange, California: Chris Squyres presents his annual report on the fireworks available
  • US Update: A new feature by Jack Drewes which tells the story of the struggle in the US and South Africa to survive in an increasingly firework-hostile world
  • Pain's and Wessex: the Turbulent Years: John Bennett reveals the scenes behind the move to Wiltshire
  • The Tom Smith Report: on the Fireworks Bill
  • The Field of Stars: Paul Birch provides a 1997 PGI Convention report
  • Defending the Pinwheel's Honour: Lou Nadin does it with his usual style
  • Letter from America: Larry Crump has the news from the States
  • Jersey Record Breakers: Sam Woodward designed the firing system; Terry McDonald arranged the fireworks. Sam tells how the rocket shoot broke the record


  • Pyrotechno File: A new series of information for those requiring training and jobs
  • Book Review: Firemagic - the history of firework companies in Germany
  • Books and Publications: six new items
  • Round-up of recent news
  • Pyro Smiles
  • Your letters, including letters from Ron Lancaster and Lou Nadin


  • Pain's Chinese fireworks - in 1915
  • It had to be blue touch paper - even in 1766
  • Royal Gunpowder Mills to open
  • The future of Standard Fireworks
  • ICI pulls out of chemicals
  • Computer firing systems
  • Invasion of fire-site causes problems at Bristol
  • Show pulled because of special effects dangers
  • Another chemistry course from the Kosankes - and reflections on the last
  • New idea from Fantastic
  • Indian crackers break Chinese monopoly
  • New trade directories
  • Powell's Fireworks surface after forty years
  • Benson & Hedges firework competition threatened by ban on tobacco sponsorship
  • British victory at Vancouver
  • Power of Houston display; 'Pyrotechnic Artists of Texas' formed
  • Guy Fawkes in US
  • Belle Vue - Ron Lancaster remembers
  • Jumping crackers - Lou Nadin recalls them
  • That mysterious back-page ad!
  • More on the shell ban - and the new firework regulations
  • A way round the shell-ban
  • The dark secrets of those who want to restrict our fireworks


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