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Back issues

Issue 34

Issue 34

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • The Fireworks Bill: Some are reassured by the changes to the Bill. They have been misled and, after reading this, it is unlikely you will be so reassured
  • The Firework Industry Fights Back: At least in America, the Firework Industry is fighting the regulators head-on. Jack Drewes reports
  • Provincial Displays of the 1930s: Enjoy that smoky whiff of nostalgia. Who better to provide it than Lou Nadin?
  • An Important Message from Standard Brock
  • Going Dutch... and Belgian: Rob Driessen describes the illegal firework trade, and returns to the Rhine
  • Directory: 70 companies - what they do, how to contact them and their web sites
  • Trade News: Latest information, products and services
  • My Recollections of Lion Fireworks: Geoffrey Killner remembers the factory his family founded
  • The Greatest Night of the Year: David Podmore wallows in nostalgia
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman looks at Astra and the changes in that company
  • Pyrotechno File: Training courses, seminars, conferences; if it's fireworks, it's here
  • Obituaries: Chris Philip (by Ron Lancaster) and John Lineham (by John Deeker)
  • Training Under the Fireworks Bill: Tom Smith reports
  • Letter from America: Our US correspondent has news of recent events across the water
  • Internet Round-up: from Paul Tierney


  • Double the number of colour pages - more nostalgia: Pictures: old days at Lion
  • Wilder's and Lion dummies in full colour
  • the Widenmann illustration
  • Book reviews - two new books, and two more in books and publications (two new videos too)


  • Firework accidents down
  • How Sunny Stories saw firework safety in 1953
  • How one man gets away with firing illegal displays!
  • Sandling and Dynamic offer training
  • More from Takeo Shimizu
  • On the art of making gunpowder
  • ICI - alive and well in fireworks
  • Wilder's memorabilia found - the story
  • More from Takeo Shimizu
  • On the art of making gunpowder
  • 'Experts' who hold up firework shipments
  • Alarming mistake in DTI display guidance
  • Chaplain of Christ's College - fireworks illustrate the Ascension
  • The Nomatch firing system available in UK
  • Police take 'flexible' approach to Thai firecracker ban
  • Mayor of New York treats fireworks like drugs
  • Dunhill won by Caballer
  • British memorabilia on web
  • Diary of firework displays available to Fireworks readers
  • Sale of large memorabilia collection
  • Collectors of live historical items in danger of prosecution?
  • Texas Pyrofest
  • Kellner's demonstration has British visitor
  • Japanese firework web site
  • Rocket sticks for sale on web
  • Photographing fireworks
  • Firework screen savers on offer
  • Who's heard of Harbot, Mersey or Corday Fireworks?
  • Expert witnesses wanted
  • Alexander Caldwell - Pyrotechnist

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