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Back issues

Issue 36

Issue 36

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • Control of Fireworks Bill: What was the likelihood of its becoming law, or spawning other legislation?
  • On the Dartford Marshes: The Joseph Wells firework factory remains. And will continue to do so. What should we do?
  • Will the Western World Ever Manufacture Large-scale Fireworks Again?: Jack Drewes considers
  • The Safety/Danger Equation: Lou Nadin weighs up the odds
  • Vietnamese Tet: J Larry Mattingly was there
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman considers the new Australian firework standard
  • Obituaries: Wilf Wells remembered by John Deeker
  • Regulation and Sub-legislation: Tom Smith reports
  • Letter from America: Our US correspondent has news of recent events across the water
  • Internet Round-up: from Paul Tierney
  • Big Bang Reviewed: Chris Pearce provides the review
  • News from the Trade Bodies: British Pyrotechnists' Association and the Explosives Industry Group
  • Going Dutch: with Rob Driessen
  • Those Amazing Fireshows: Walk the Plank, Emergency Exit etc.: Liz Pugh has a colourfully illustrated account
  • Directory: the largest ever
  • Trade News: the last one
  • For the Love of Bangers: Nick Sampford describes a love affair with the fiery beasts
  • Morris Lawrence, Pyrotechnist: Jenny McKay remembers her great great great grandfather and the ignominious end to his firework manufactory
  • Remembering the Fifth: Elizabeth Jennings' evocative poem
  • Euro Summit Display for Queen and PM: Andrew Fielder fired it - and writes about it
  • Insuring Firework Displays: Vital advice for the firer
  • Woolwich Arsenal: Geoff Caldwell recalls the days when the Arsenal produced fireworks


  • Double helping of colour pages - more nostalgia: Pictures: Standard display board, poster, boxes, beautiful colour ad
  • Fireship and Cardiff Castle display in colour
  • Silver Rain - Widenmann print
  • Delightful 1916 cartoon
  • Letters
  • Round-up
  • Guy Fawkes - editorial


  • Banger ban proves ineffective
  • Firework imports
  • Street theatre and fireworks
  • Smuggling from Belgium
  • Fallas
  • The amazing story of the fireworks Captain Cook took when he discovered Australia
  • Firework ban in Australia - just ignored
  • Festival of Fire in Australia
  • Research into virtually smoke-free fireworks
  • Firework raid in Wiltshire
  • Training from companies
  • Three major events in 1999
  • Invitation to join Paul Tierney at Plymouth
  • New rocket launch invention
  • A firework garden

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