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Back issues

Issue 37

Issue 37

sponsored by Sandling Fireworks

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • Profile of Le Maitre's Top Lady: John Bennett talks to Karen Haddon
  • Whither Legislation: John Bennett considers the situation
  • Whatever Happened to Bonfire Night?: Lou Nadin asks the question
  • Victimised - Because You're a Firework Man: Jack Drewes reports
  • Benson & Hedges 1999: Natasha Webb and Paul Marriott were in Montreal for Fireworks
  • Our Australian Correspondent's been Globe Trotting: Barry Sturman with news from all over
  • Obituaries: Sadly we have to report the death of one of Fireworks's greatest characters, George Amabilino. Also Miklos Menis of Theatre of Fire and Duncan MacGregor of Dragonfire.
  • Letter from America: Our US Correspondent has news from across the pond
  • Internet Round-up: from Paul Tierney
  • Major New Book: Chris Pearce provides the review
  • News from the British Pyrotechnists' Association: Ron Lancaster considers transportation
  • With Dangerous Consequences: Wendy Neal provides a fascinating account of events leading up to the Explosives Act 1875 - when firework mayhem reigned
  • PGI Convention Report: Paul Birch was there for Fireworks
  • Tower of Light on Tory Island: Article from Liz Pugh
  • Double Helping of Nostalgia: Phil Jones considers the 1980s, and Mal Mack, Australian Guy Fawkes' celebrations in the 1930s
  • World Catherine Wheel Record Broken: Andrew Brooks records the achievement of those Newick Bonfire Boys
  • Fourth of July in California: Chris Squyres provides his annual report


  • Double helping of colour pages - Britannia and Crane's nostalgia: Pictures: Benson & Hedges display in colour
  • Letters
  • Round-up
  • Guy Fawkes (editorial)
  • Books & publications - two advisory booklets, directories, videos and CD


  • The absurdity of banning any fireworks
  • Control of Fireworks Bill laid to rest
  • Government document - we will not ban retail sale, no legislation on its way
  • Creeping reduction in firework types
  • Threat to Bonfire
  • Firework insurance
  • Australian traders still flout the firework ban
  • Millennium madness
  • Forthcoming pyro events
  • Is your debris worth a mint? Chris Pearce at the Dome
  • Shells fired horizontally! Send a firework email
  • New NPFA safety distances
  • Fireworks in Vegas
  • Japanese displays

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