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Back issues

Issue 39

Issue 39

sponsored by the Explosives Industry Group of the CBI

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • Foti Fireworks and the 2000 Sydney Olympics fireworks: Barry Sturman combines history with the present
  • Reflections on the Torch: Mike Wilson on how he designed the Olympic torch - and a historical perspective
  • US Update: Jack Drewes describes the origins of pyro journalism, from Van to his take-over of APFN
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman at his caustic and humorous best
  • Trade Information from Ron Lancaster (BPA), Tom Smith (EIG) and Chris Raymond (HSE)
  • Natasha Webb: John Bennett profiles the controversial queen of pyrotechnics
  • British Firework Championships: Plymouth described with Natasha Webb's usual gusto
  • The Other End of the Scale: Tony Wilk's shows may be small but they're good, and his description is a lively one
  • The Black Cat Settles in Huddersfield: Lots of things you didn't know about Black Cat. Neither did John Bennett
  • Fourth of July, Orange, California: Chris Squyres presents his annual report
  • Pyrotechnic Course in England: The Kosankes are back. Bonnie Kosanke describes what's in store
  • A Letter from America: Larry Crump features a new brand of fireworker epitomised by Amber Dover and Jonathan Young
  • PGI Convention Report: Paul Birch is back - still winning prizes
  • Manufacture and Storage of Explosives Regulations: Tom Smith describes the draft - you must be aware of it
  • The Tom Smith Report: An entertaining piece of cynicism about the cancellation of the 2001 London show
  • Walking the Plank: Liz Pugh starts walking
  • Fireworks in the Forest of Dean: The first of a new series, Made in Great Britain: John Bennett features Dean Fireworks

and ...

  • Guy Fawkes Editorial
  • Cartoons from 1927
  • Round up
  • Three new books and three new videos considered
  • Letters
  • Illustrations of Brock's, Standard and pre-1957 Vulcan fireworks, and Sydney Olympics
  • Standard from the air, and old sheds (colour) - and the youngsters of pyrotechnics
  • Natasha Webb and Black Cat


  • Considerable coverage of that TV programme
  • Firework ban - we know to the contrary
  • Why did the Fireworks Bill fail? - new evidence
  • Firework trade to fight back? New explosives regulations in Australia
  • News of national and international firework events in: Macau, Florida, Shugborough, Hanover, San Remo
  • Fireworks in China
  • Syd Howard on TV
  • Exemption to ADR Regs for small operators
  • Catherine wheels to rid the lawn of moles - are we being sent up?
  • Fireworks from China - dangers of all eggs in one basket?
  • 10 best firework display competition web sites
  • Guangdong disaster
  • Sale of Australia's national firework association web site
  • Carriers will carry fireworks
  • Ditchling Display
  • Theft of fireworks
  • Message from HSE
  • Michael Ackroyd again
  • Brothers Pyrotechnics museum
  • Tony Cardell wins honour
  • George Amabilino's last display
  • Connecticut the red tape
  • Panther move
  • Anti-firework web site fires shots at Fireworks
  • Pyrotechnica lives
  • Cumbrian Pyromania & Fantasia - new start?

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