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Back issues

Issue 40

Issue 40

sponsored by CMB Insurance and Mortgage Brokers

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Issue 40 of Fireworks contains 56 pages of news, views, information, history, nostalgia, pictures and readers' comments (as described on BBC TV, radio and the national press), with double colour.

Main items are:

Twenty Years of Fireworks John Bennett looks back - and forward

Antipodean Jottings Barry Sturman on things Down Under

Internet Round Up Larry Crump surfs the web for fireworks

New regulations after Enschede: Be very afraid Tom Smith says why you should act now

The Saxon Myke Stanbridge provides a history and description of this interesting firework

A Fourth of July Horror Story Howard Davis relives a terrifying episode from his youth

Gamekeeper Turned Poacher John Bennett profiles Ron Rapley - from HSE to Standard Fireworks

A Week in November Steve Overy remembers the wet

The Firework Review Web Site Pyro Pete investigates the web site that helps you choose fireworks by playing video clips

My Potted Firework History Tony Webster ladles out the nostalgia

Revised Timetable for MSER Chris Raymond, from HSE, has the news

Letter from America Larry Crump considers shells State-side

50 Years of Guys Eileeen Amabilino remembers them

Shell Racks Roy Musk looks at safety, from the viewpoint of an insurer

Shouldn't I be on medication for this? A Doctor, Bruce Moreland wonders why we do it

News from the BPA from Ron Lancaster, EIG from Tom Smith, and GFPO from Chris Pearce

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta Alan Christie was firing

When Charlotte and Mickey Saved the Day, or how little Charlotte gave her Dad, Jeremy Illidge, the firework treat of a lifetime

Master Blaster Pastor Ron Lancaster hits 70 - with no signs of slowing down!

Directory of Firework Companies - showing all the services they provide

Guy Fawkes Night Poem by Norm Kavanagh

AND... Letters; Round Up; Editorial; Cartoons; Pictorial Nostalgia - pictures of fireworks seen during Fireworks' twenty years - and more; The Widenmann Collection engraving; Pictures of Black Cat, guys, and displays; Reviews of important new books and videos

WITH: Australian move to completely ban fireworks; Where can you get a Guy Fawkes mask? The Third Festival of Fire; Firework photography advice - from Kodak; Firework Museum on the Web; Fireworks' new web site; All the firework competition details from around the world; Maryland legislates in favour of firework freedom; The effects of Enschede; New Australian firework organisation for enthusiasts; Football and fireworks do mix; A good year in Parliament for fireworks; Performance Arts Management take-over by Pains; Air quality and fireworks; The Dome - the fireworks were good! Morris Lawrence, Pyrotechnist - again! Looking for Crown Brand Fireworks; Advice to 10-year old Kate about firework freedom; Penly's Fireworks - they were one of the biggest.

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