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Back issues

Issue 44

Issue 44

sponsored by Shellscape Pyrotechnics

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

The Fireworks Bill John Bennett says it may not be so bad - anyway we're probably going to have to live with it

Cleveland Match Company Eric Littler shows it's really Astra Fireworks - and presents bengal match nostalgia

Edwin Bailey Obituary by Peter Stone of one of Britain's best loved firework figures

The Good Guy Chris Case shows how to reduce accidents without draconian legislation

Antipodean Jottings Barry Sturman on things Down Under

Internet Round Up Paul Tierney surfs the web for fireworks

Low-Noise Fireworks John Bennett shows that the RSPCA's `display' was not all it seemed

We remember Lou Nadin Barry Sturman provides more of the Great Man's writings. He will be sorely missed

Trade News John Woodhead, Chris Pearce and Tom Smith provide trade insights from the three major trade bodies

The State of the Industry Ron Lancaster presents his report

Directory of 106 firework companies

Book Reviews RSPCA's Quiet Please; Groupe F John Bennett; Kosanke's latest offering Chris Pearce

The American Scene Charles Weeth provides the first of a new column detailing events on the other side of the Pond

The Display Operators' Certificate The complete syllabus of the training course which all display firers will probably have to take

Firework Authorisation Ron Lancaster steers us through the minefield of CLER and COMAH

When fireworks were big news Fascinating extract from the Official Guide to the Franco-British Exhibitions of 1908

AND... Letters; Round Up; Editorial; Pictorial Nostalgia - Cleveland, bangers, jumping crackers, firework dummies galore; Pictures from the Cannes 2002 victory; American firework dummies

WITH: Don't blame fireworks, let's have more parental responsibility; Don't wet nurse people over fireworks; National Firework Museum gets financial backing, but it's still not open - we still need your help; American consumer firework catalogues; Western Winter Blast; PGI Convention and 4 July; Where you can get firework van models - they're good; New Gunpowder Trail - it's free; Chinese vote to reverse ban on fireworks - and it happens! Fire in touch paper factory; Fires in Liverpool and Manchester; Firework events in 2003; Firework web cams; Collectors' web site; Pathe News on fireworks; Do you want to fire for a firework company? Two opportunities in this issue; The Dog who doesn't mind fireworks; Fireworks are illegal in Australia, so they're aren't any are there? Don't make us laugh! Insurance rears its ugly head again; Displays in Lahore - it's a laugh but do you get paid? Jerome Gellini - firework artist extraordinaire; Two responses about the Phoenix / Britannia history; A Trading Standards officer responds; Kosanke course; Responses on Captain Cook from Ron Lancaster and Barry Sturman.

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