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Issue 46

Issue 46

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Fireworks Regulations 2004: Consultation - we present you with all the facts for you to make your comments

Sturtz, the cartoonist makes his first appearance in Fireworks

Viva Valencia John Bennett looks at the differences between the Spanish and British when it comes to fireworks. We have a lot to learn!

It's an Ill Wind How Kimbolton Fireworks' factory began with the demise of Wizard Fireworks. Ron Lancaster explains

Where did the Chris Philip Firework Collection Go? John Stanley knows - and tells

News from the HSE Chris Raymond looks at MSER

Wizard Fireworks Chris Reeve was a raw recruit. He is interviewed by John Bennett

St Patrick's Day 2004 Display Darryl Fleming fired it - and writes about it

British Firework Championships 2003 Natasha Webb was on the wharf

Fourth of July, Orange, California Chris Squyres takes his annual look at fireworks across the pond

`Fireworks' Bill Tynan John Bennett interviewed him at the House of Commons

News from the BPA; BFA Chris Pearce and John Woodhead bring us the information

PGI Convention Paul Birch provides his annual account

Antipodean Jottings Barry Sturman's not happy about prohibition

Internet Round-up Paul Tierney does the surfing for fireworks

Ron Rapley John Woodhead provides a tribute to Ron, who retires this year

A Look Back at the Eighties Bill Davis remembers his time in fireworks

The Ron Lancaster Column

Directory of 120 companies

Obituary: We remember Ron Hall. Malcolm Armstrong provides a tribute

Thirty Years of Pyrotechnic Effigies Robin Gray concludes his series

AND... Letters; Round Up; Editorial; Pictorial Nostalgia - Wizard fireworks - and box, and many more, plus colour display pictures and photos of `drunkard' fireworks in Valencia; New books and videos;

WITH:Fireworks (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations - yes, more regulations! Nuisance from dogs affects fireworkers; RSPCA upset Minister over fireworks; MSER - again; LOCAF; COMAH; Training courses available; Forthcoming attractions; News of the demise of The Firework Co. and SWPF; Changes in the Directory; National Firework Museum - and a new museum in Hampshire; Ask Henry - the search engine specialising in fireworks; Cosmic grows; How local authorities could ban fireworks; Traditions of the EU's new member states; Nostalgic recollections of a Standard Fireworks fan; Invicta Sparklers; Insurance - again; John Deeker on Pains; His daughter remembers Ron Hall and their firework celebrations; Phoenix resurgent; Why the British Firework Championships don't find the best British company

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