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Issue 70

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Fireworks is now available electronically - link from articles to websites; pay less subscription; use word search to find those elusive articles... Go to black panel on left - Subscribe ELECTRONIC and VIEW COPIES

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: J H Sharpe’s record of 50 years as a traveller for Brock’s - written in 1939 and published, for the first time, in Fireworks; Memoirs of the Rip Rap Queen - Barbara Burn

It covers unique events: Passfire is ready for your viewing

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: J Larry Mattingly provides advice on determining positions for angle firing; Legislation and regulation reviewed; News from the BFA and BPA

It delves into firework history: The Fred Rowcliffe Story - Chris Pearce continues the biography of Standard’s early stalwart into the twenties; Graham Caldwell writes of his pyrotechnist great grandfather; Barry Sturman traces the history of Frederick James Bishop - his company was amalgamated into Crane’s; Henry Trengrouse and Hengler’s Fireworks - Michael Baldwin and Katherine Ashton investigate the history

It amuses and entertains you: Sturtz cartoons; Elaine Moore shows how the press distorts firework coverage

It supplies firework news from around the world: Las Fallas 2016 - Simon Harding was there; From Europe to Asia - Hannah Clarkson and Charlie Heeley-Cregan recall Pyrotex’s achievements

It provides you with colourful firework photographs: Paul Brock with images from London New Year; Ian Cramman with stunning pictures from Blackpool; Colour pictures from Malta and Valencia

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Standard firework workers from the 30s; Standard cartoons; Standard dummy board; Catherine wheels, mines and fountains; Jumping crackers; Previously unknown fireworks discovered - Silshine Fireworks and Anglocentrop Ltd. - see their products here; Chinese cracker labels

It provides the unusual: John Lockwood remembers Christmas crackers of yore; J Larry Mattingly describes fireworks over Alaska; Anthony Lealand describes his problems in moving magazines, and his success in paying respects to the departed with fireworks; Hold in the hand Catherine wheels - yes they did exist; At last, a picture of Smokey Joe

Also: Pressures on firework companies increase; New BPA Chair; Biggest firework lovers? Icelanders! Dutch fireworks failing safety standards; Drones cause Disney firework problems; Tree flowers in China; Threat to our periods of sale; New HSE Strategy; 10th Malta Mechanised Ground Fireworks Festival; The tie-up between Hengler and Cannon Fireworks; Southby and Randle adverts illustrated

Writing in this issue: Elaine Moore; Chris Pearce; Andy Hubble; Graham Caldwell; J Larry Mattingly; John Halfpenny; Simon Harding; Barry Sturman; Anthony Lealand; John Lockwood; Hannah Clarkson; Charlie Heeley-Cregan; Ron Lancaster; J H Sharpe; Jesse Veverka; Michael Baldwin; Katherine Ashton; Barbara Burn; Photography by Paul Brock and Ian Cramman

Did you know that Fireworks is available in an electronic version? - and it’s cheaper - go to and see ‘Subscribe Electronic’ in left black panel

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