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May 2006

In Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain) a draw has decided the order of participation of the pyrotechnic companies taking part in the 17th International Fireworks Displays Competition "Ciutat de Tarragona", Champion of Champions.;

News of The 17th International Firework Displays Competition "Ciutat de Tarragona", has been provided at a press conference in the conference room of the City Council of Tarragona. Information, giving news of the 6 participating companies - the winners of the six previous competitions, since this year a Champion of Champions competition will be staged. All the companies except one - as is explained later - have agreed to take part.

A draw has determined the firing order for the competition, which will take place in Tarragona from 3rd to 8th July 2006.

Pyrotechnic companies and order of participation:

Since the competition is open to the winners of the six previous competitions, it is considered that the best fireworks of the 35 displays seen during the last six years, will be on show this year.

The technical departments of the City Councils of Tarragona and Granollers (associated institution since last year) have written special specifications for a special competition too. Regulations include the selection process and the characteristics that will be required from the displays.

As happened eight years ago, on the occasion of the first Champion of Champions, the organisation foresaw the possibility that, if any of the companies could not attend the competition, it would be substituted by the company that had obtained second place that year. This guarantees the number of displays and a high quality of the competition.

The winners of the six previous competitions included three Spanish companies. These were: Pirogestió (from the Igual group), Ricardo Caballer and Arco Iris (from the Turís group). The non-Spanish companies were: the Sicilian La Rosa Lorenzo, Francesco Pagano (IPON) from Naples, and the Japanese Tamaya.

Only Pagano of the six previous winners will not be able to attend - because of an accident at their factory last year. They will be replaced by the Italian-German company Gamma P, which came second that year.

The order of participation established by the draw will be as follows:

Monday 3rd July: Tamaya Kitahara Enkaten, from Japan

Tuesday 4th July: Pirotecnia Ricardo Caballer, from Valencia

Wednesday 5th July: La Rosa Fireworks, from Sicily, Italy

Thursday 6th July: Pirogestió / Grup Igual, from Catalonia

Friday 7th July: Gamma P, from Germany and Italy

Saturday 8th July: Fuegos Artificiales Arco Iris, from Valencia


The competition is still sponsored by Carrefour, which has loyally supported the competition since its very beginning seventeen years ago. Economic contributions for each pyrotechnic company have been increased by 6,000 euros, while all prizes have also been increased. Now the first prize is 9,000 euros. The second prize has been practically doubled - to 6,000 euros. The special prize given by the City Council of Granollers to the company from the Iberian Peninsula with the best classification and which consists of firing the pyrotechnic displays of the local festivities of Granollers, has also been increased to 18,000 euros.

There is no doubt that this increase in prize money - which had been requested by specialists and by pyrotechnicians - will contribute to a week of truly exceptional fireworks.

International expectation

Both the organisers of the Champion of Champions and the different cooperating companies have been receiving enquiries about the competition from countries such as Holland, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, France or the USA, as well as from Spain and, for example, the Canary Islands and the Basque country. Each of the six participating companies is expected to offer the very best of their products and designs, and this has aroused even more interest among professionals and firework enthusiasts. For this reason, the competition of Tarragona will be, now more than ever, the international firework fair.

An innovation this year will be the daily publication by the jury of a press release with the results obtained by the display firing the previous night. This way, the transparency and reliability of the competition will keep increasing.

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