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Festival of Fireworks postponed to 2021

News: Catton Hall  2020 ‘Jubilee Festival of Fireworks’ postponed until 4 September 2021

**Festival of Fireworks Important Update**

As you are aware, we are all adapting to many changes to our everyday routines. In turn, we - the Festival of Fireworks organisers - have been working very closely behind the scenes in order to assess whether we can hold our event safely and in accordance with Government guidelines. We thoroughly appreciate your support and patience whilst doing so.
Many weeks of planning have been put into these assessments to ensure we deliver a safe and secure event, whilst still maintaining the quality and spectacle you, our audience, have come to expect over the past 20 years. The added infrastructure and manpower costs required to achieve this are considerable and in these trying times we have to be sure the event is financially viable for it to proceed. We looked into the options of increasing ticket prices to counter the increased costs, or restructuring the style of the event to combat the issues – but charging more for a downsized event is not a compromise we were comfortable with. We have delivered the UK’s Premier Fireworks Event for over 20 years – and we want to keep it that way!

The Government and NHS are now issuing warnings of an imminent second wave of Covid-19, and once again we are facing more change. Whilst full lockdown rules are unlikely to return, our most recent advice regarding mass gatherings now suggests that events such as ours will likely see restrictions re-imposed. Local lockdowns may also see travel restrictions, which again could impact attendance. The safety of our audience, exhibitors, ground crew, and display teams must come first, and even if we could provide the Festival that you all love so much in accordance with the current distancing guidelines, we cannot ignore the warnings issued.

With this new advice, we cannot in good conscience keep tickets on sale for this year, and it is with heartfelt sadness that we must announce that this year's Festival of Fireworks will be postponed until next year.
Tickets holders have been contacted, and as per our terms, tickets already purchased will be valid for the next two years and so you will still be able to support our event.

Understandably, this is an upsetting announcement for everyone involved. We have organised the Festival of Fireworks for over 20 years, and all who have attended previously - some of you for a great many years, know how much love and commitment goes into the Festival. We are heartbroken at the decision we have had to make. We hope that you will understand how very difficult it has been to do so, and will continue to support our Festival by returning in 2021 when we can all celebrate togetherness with an event to remember. Again, tickets already purchased will be valid for the next two years, and we thank you for your support and understanding.
Heartfelt regards,

Jubilee Fireworks Team