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Fireworks is published
in February and July.
Annual subscription
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is £10 (£14 Europe; £18 outside Europe)
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Fireworks, PO Box 40
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Fireworks, PO Box 40
Bexhill TN40 1GX


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Advertising in Fireworks



Black and white and Colour

Notices & supporters Name & brief message only
⅛ A 4 page not larger than 70 sq cm area
¼ A4 page not larger than 140 sq cm area
½ A4 page not larger than 280 sq cm area
Full A4  
A4 (inside covers)*  
A4 (back outside cover)  

*Booked until further notice

All advertisements should have a 3mm bleed (area round the actual advert continuing any design); this will be cut off on the eventual page but will ensure no unsightly gaps appear round your advert.

Web Site Advertising

Rates for Web Site advertising Banners displayed in body of 'Where to Buy Fireworks', or 'Get Displays' page (these pages being linked from every page on site): £50 per annum; Header of any page: £200; Buy Fireworks and Get Displays: Second spot: £150; Third spot £75; body £50; Other pages: £50 for all spots other than top header. Homepage: £300 per annum - only 4 permitted. (A banner ad. is required 600x100 pixels: we will link it to your site)

Other Distribution and Sponsorship

Email distribution

Email to be distributed will go to the email addresses of current and recent readers where these are known. Attachments should be less than 1MB and preferably much smaller. The email will go out with a message at the top and the bottom indicating that it comes, not from Fireworks, but from your company, using the Fireworks distribution service.

Mailshot inclusion in Fireworks

Mail shots must be A4 or less - 5 gms maximum (prices for heavier items negotiable). Cost: £65 for each sheet enclosed with Fireworks. One copy of that sheet will be sent with every copy of Fireworks distributed in UK.

Required: 500 copies of mail shot by 1st May (Autumn/Winter issue) 1st December (Spring/Summer issue). (Fireworks is not responsible for photocopying or duplicating mail shots). Weight limit 8 grammes; if over submit one copy.

Cost for all types of distribution: £65


Whole issue sponsorship: The front cover will carry the message: Sponsored by Y Fireworks (or other company). A short slogan can be added if required. Also displayed on web site description of relevant issue.The picture on the cover would not relate to one of your competitors (example on request). Also half-paged sponsor's free announcement/advertisement. Also message on Contents page and footer of every page. Also announcement of sponsorship on flyer-reminder and web site.

Cost £290

*A free copy of the magazine is supplied to any company taking £200 or more advertising, sponsorship or web advertising

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