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Back issues

Cumulation 10-11

Issue Cumulation 10-11

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

The cumulation brings issues 10-11 back into print but looking better than they did in those cruder days over 20 years ago. This issue is type-set, retaining the picture of the young lady lighting her fireworks in 1952 on its cover (as in issue 11). Cumulations are in response to those who correctly argue that every issue of Fireworks should be kept in print. Otherwise firework history would be lost to newer readers. The programme will continue until all back issues are back in print.

Main items are:

  • Some Thoughts on Reaching Maturity - Ron Lancaster recalls his career
  • Festival Fireworks Get A Fright in Aden - Tony L'Angelier describes the display before the civil war
  • Fireworks by the river at Woolwich - David Clough describes the fireworks
  • A Victorian Moral Tale told by Jerome K Jerome
  • <Brockham - the Firework DisplayTom Smith provides an account
  • Brockham - the Bonfire - Tony Hines provides a guide to the celebrations
  • Happy Days - Memories of Guy Fawkes past - Jim Coombs provides a wonderful evocation.
  • Paramount Fireworks - by Fred Herrin
  • Down Potters Bar Way - David Amabilino provides an account of the celebration Amabilino family style
  • Pain's Fireworks in Weymouth Bay. Cyril Stafford describes the show
  • Pot Lids and Pyrotechnics - a fascinating account of Brock's and Pain's nineteenth century events provided by Ken Autrey
  • Newick Bonfire by Mary Avis
  • The Origins of the British Standard John Bennettgives an account which says - 'we should voice our concerns!
  • Celebrating the Freedom of Jersey in fireworks Terry MacDonald describes the display
  • Fireworks Over the Trent - Cyril Stafford provides an account of the celebrations
  • PGI Convention 1985: how Times have Changed - Laurie Jackson provides an account
  • WAD Associates - Bill Davis provides an account
  • Fourth of July California - Chris Squyres provides an account
  • Battle of the Flowers - Paul Edwards describes Jersey's flower festival fireworks
  • Americoround - John Bennett and Don Haarman describe the scene
  • Trade News - accounts of the fireworks we were buying back then
  • Around the Bonfire Societies
  • Publications Ramble
  • Information Exchange
  • Book Reviews: Hanabi and Why Control Fireworks - when HSE talked sense!
  • Plus: Round up; Editorial; Quotes; Letters; Books & Publications; Nostalgic pictures

With nostaligic pictures of:

Ottery St Mary - launching rockets in the 30s

Lion, Standard and other fireworks of the sixties

Brockham's display and bonfire

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