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Back issues

Issue 12

Issue 12

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • Mister Sparkle is Back: Joanna Hitt describes his return. Standard Fireworks: The latest news.
  • Manhatten Beach: Ron Harris describes Pain's late-19th-century displays.
  • Of Days Gone By: Peter Stone recalls a Gloucestershire Guy Fawkes childhood.
  • Tee Shots: Cyril Stafford describes his Sherwood Forest Golf Club display.
  • Austin Fireworks: From Wichita, news of Concert in the sky. PGI '86: Laurie Jackson was there. Illustrated article.
  • Wallop Fireworks: Tim Warren recalls a British manufacturer. Illustrated.
  • Collectors' Items: How to keep and conserve your firework labels - from Britain's leading conservation experts.
  • Harrogate Toy Fair: Cyril Stafford describes the stands. New Year over Baltimore:
  • Jack Leonard recalls his Zambelli New Year display.
  • Viking Fireworks Galore: Richard Lowe considers his Festival of Peace display '87.
  • Guy Fawkes' Night is Such a Damp Squib: Adam Trimingham remembers the Guy Fawkes' Nights of his youth and concludes that 'fings ain't what they used to be'.
  • Directory: Tabulation of firework companies.
  • Trade News: News from 18 companies.
  • Looking Back: Chris Philip considers his career in fireworks -- and provides some opinions on computerised firing. Cliff-top Fireworks at Chatsworth: Cyril Stafford describes the display.


    Publications Ramble through recent articles and books / Americoround - news from U.S.A. / Information Exchange - including background on devils / Books and Publications - 21 new items / Round Up of recent events / Illustrations of PGI '86, Wallop Fireworks, Brock's Fireworks.


    Dragonfire cause a stir at Ragley Hall / Brock's packaging considered / Chris Philip enters Royal Firework Musick debate - and more on his bibliography / Rye Bonfire history / Pain's Pompeii recreated - in a back garden / More Jim Coombs nostalgia / Fireworks in India / Buying fireworks in Horry County, South Carolina / Banner Fireworks / Shelf-life of shop goods / William Quantrell's 'brilliant' fireworks / Malcolm Armstrong's Theatrical Pyrotechnics / British fireworks admired by Americans - Standard, Brock's and Benwell / Shell Shock's award-winning Brighton Festival display / Wilf Scott on U.S. TV / Liberty display disappoints Grucci / Iowa votes to legalise shop goods after 56 years / Firework patents / Firework cigarette cards / Bonfire programmes / Changes at Firework Makers' Guild / Pains-Wessex fighting back I Firework label register / Fireworks City, U.S.A. / Dragonfire 'son et lumiere'.


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