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Back issues

Issue 13

Issue 13

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • Fireworks at Zumpango Fiesta: Alex Schuman's fully illustrated report. Fireworks on the River at Greenwich: David Amabilino describes them.
  • A British Standard for Fireworks: Chris Philip provides a detailed guide to the drafts. Books and Publications: Thirteen new items considered.
  • The Site Visit: Wilf Scott describes his whirlwind tour of Spain.
  • Insurance for Firework Displays: Mark Bishop describes how to arrange it. Guy
  • Fawkes' Night at Cross-in-Hand: Memories from Edward Holt.
  • Firework Postcards: George Amabilino describes his collection.
  • Special Bonfire Reports: Tony Hines at Brockham and David Watts at Edenbridge.
  • California Dreamin': Chris Squyres recalls 4th of July.
  • Winter's End: David Amabilino describes the fireworks.
  • Firework Museum: Ron Harris describes plans.


    Publications Ramble through recent articles and books / Americoround / Information Exchange - including background on Fenwick's Fireworks / Round Up of recent events / Illustrations of Mexican fireworks, Astra's 1987 range / Around the Bonfire Societies - reports on fourteen events / Letters.


    Round the year supplies from the Firework Shop, Eynsford / Astra's all-British range (plus photograph) / Standard and Benwell doing well / Standard Brock looking to the future / Ron Lancaster, Wilf Scott and Tony L'Angellier / Phil Morley's Family Gala Day fireworks / Shell Shock's Tay Bridge display / British fireworks in U.S.A. / Survey of U.S. shop goods in 1987 / Fireworks in Maryland, U.S.A. / Austin wins at Montreal / U.S. patents / Britain among leaders in firework advances (a look at worldwide patents) / Brock's take to the air - 1935 / Theatre of Fire changes / Bill Davis's career in fireworks / Have you heard of the Fantasm firework? / Mexican fiestas / Paddingtons bonfire / Lewes Bonfire memories / Bonfire depicted at Anne of Cleves' House / Bridge on the River Kwai fireworks / British Standard - an importer's view / More regulations in prospect for manufacturers / Firework mayhem - all in the name of art / Barrow Town Hall pyro centenary / Chinese firework labels from 1850 / The origins of Guy Fawkes' celebrations - in Celtic England / Fireworks to the aid of hurricane victims / The truth of the parliamentary debates on fireworks (ignore the rumours) / Diary of events / Results of readers' questionnaire.


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