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Back issues

Issue 16

Issue 16

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • HISTORY OF PAINS-WESSEX The early history of fireworks in Australia encompasses Brock's, Pain's, the Phoenix Firework Company and Pains-Wessex. Barry Sturman provides the history
  • CRAZY OCTOBER FOR BRUNCHU Pedro Sanchez describes the International Firework Festival and World Expo in Brisbane
  • REMEMBERING BELLE VUE The firework mecca of the north remembered by D E Henstock
  • BASTILLE DAY Displays and petards. David Amabilino was there
  • USE OF METAL TOOLS TO ASSEMBLE DISPLAY FIREWORKS The dangers and how to avoid them - by Graham Lundegaard
  • FESTIVAL FIREWORKS AT LINCOLN CASTLE C W Stafford re-lives Mick Amabilino's display
  • OLD DAYS AT STANDARD John Beckett and Joe Hennigan bring back the old days - in the factory and on display
  • WIN £50 WORTH OF ASTRA FIREWORKS in the new competition. (Closing date 1 Oct)
  • CRABS, POLITICIANS AND FIREWORKS Jack Leonard describes the show in Chestertown
  • EARLY RECOLLECTIONS Fireworks of the 20s and 30s described so graphically that you can smell their smoke and see them in the corner shop window. Lou Nadin provides a delightful account
  • FIREWORKS IN SOUTH AFRICA Martin Marburger looks at a country where retail fireworks, once banned, have been legalised with encouraging results


    DIRECTORY of over 30 companies' services and products; TRADE NEWS: 29 companies' 1989 ranges; LETTERS; BOOKS & PUBLICATIONS - 6 new books, 2 new videos; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE through books, periodicals and newspapers; ROUND UP of news and events; DIARY - 37 firework events; GUY FAWKES - editorial; PICTURES of Standard fireworks of the 30s, Thames Day, Phoenix Fireworks poster, Bastille Day fireworks and Astra 89 firework range


    Standard introduce Education & Training Section; Dragonfire back at Caernarvon; Those firework stamps by David Amabilino; British Standard acquires legal force; Ron Lancaster in three interviews; Shell Shock - a 'tolerable' show at £500 a minute; Guy Fawkes really meant business - Dr Alford's study; Bonfire societies - some overcrowded, some dying; Brock's Fireworks at Crowborough; Ian Driver - how Midland Fireworks began; Roger Tanfield on the BS; Joanna Hitt interviewed; New paper on marketing fireworks; Fireworks on the Thames - 18th & 19th centuries; Astra, Esco, Standard, Octavius Hunt and Brock's; Stephen Hobbs, Ben Gaskell featured in World Magazine; Australia Day fireworks - close to!; Scatter my ashes in a rocket, man asks Fantastic Fireworks; Fantastic Fireworks, Pain's hold training days; Vulcan looking for firers; Firers looking for work; Changes at Firework Makers' Guild; European Federation of Explosives Engineers formed; Standard Fireworks competition won by Australian reader; Transport of fireworks - new regulations; Firework injuries down.


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