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Back issues

Issue 30

Issue 30

sponsored by Sandling Fireworks

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • FIREWORK LEGISLATION REVIEW Editorial devoted to this important development - to which Fireworks readers can contribute
  • MERCE David Amabilino describes Bracelona's major firework festival
  • THE FIREWORK INSUSTRY IN HUDDERSFIELD Ron Lancaster traces the history and describes its fireworks
  • THE RHINE IN FLAMES Rob Driessen describes this remarkable firework event
  • LETTER FROM AMERICA Larry Crump is coming our way
  • MALCOLM ARMSTRONG John Bennett porfiles the MD of TPL - he knew many of fireworks' major figures
  • BANGERS Lou Nadin continues the banger story
  • ANTIPODEAN JOTTINGS Barry Stuman has more fascinating facts from Down Under
  • FIREWORKS ON THE REC Leading poet Geoffrey Holloway resumes his love affair with fireworks
  • MANUFACTURING A barrister argues that the regulatory bodies have got it wrong
  • DINTON BONFIRE BOYS Gordon Lake provides a fascinating account
  • HOWARD AND SONS Barry Sturman describes the history - and fascinating present - of Australia's leading manufacturer
  • TRADE NEWS of 26 companies in a new-style article
  • KOSANKES AND EXPLOSIONS at the DRA Tony Cardell and Tony Wilkinson provide two different views
  • GOING DUTCH Rob Driessen presents the first of a new column giving a view from The Netherlands
  • FIREWORKS ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB As Paul Tierney explains, Fireworks is now on the Web


GUY FAWKES Editorial; PHOTOGRAPHS AND ILLUSTRATIONS OF Lion staff, factory and fireworks (including dummy boards etc. in colour on the Colour Pages), Octavius Hunt sparklers, Bengal matches etc., Brock's and Standard Bengal matches, Merce drawings and photographs, Rhine In Flames, Wilhelm Widenmann's historical print of German joke fireworks, D'Ernst poster etc. etc.; ROUND UP of information and news; PUBLICATIONS RAMBLE; AMERICOROUND; DIARY; LETTERS; BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS


Do it yourself firework exhibition - but it doesn't work; Sticky match - new development for fusing set pieces etc.; New firing system; Fireworks Video Magazine now in PAL; New firework newsletter; Seven forthcoming firework seminars/symposia to book for; Launching rockets - with sticks in the earth!; New US organisation is fighting the legislators; A Thai - and a Mexican - firework festival; Chinese fireworks with banned mixtures;' Larry Nemec's doing Guy Fawkes now!; HSE wins printing award; Prosecuted - for carrying tools in a 1.3G box!; Law - makers destroy fireworks in US - and get their fingers burnt; Company specialises in pyro funerals; Lower firework emission rules in US; What happened in US to firework museum exhibits?; New firing racks; Rocket dimensions; Arizona Convention; US view of Bonfire.


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