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Back issues

Issue 31

Issue 31

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)
  • The Shell Ban: The facts not the fantasy
  • The Background: What actually did happen in shell incidents in 1996 - and how do events in Parliament point the way to the future for all fireworks?
  • The Future: A report from the Forum meeting of 20 January discussing what will happen now
  • The Fireworks of Lepton - and how they made them: Ron Lancaster provides a fascinating insight into firework manufacture of the past
  • Theatrical Pyrotechnics Story: John Bennett considers how fireworks and effects are made at Manston Airport
  • Shrewsbury Flower Show: Lou Nadin traces its history
  • The Tom Smith Report: Tom Smith provides an update on developments affecting the trade
  • Hugh Walker: John Deeker writes the obituary of a stalwart of the firework industry
  • Echoes Across the Old Chalkpit: John Bennett profiles John Deeker and describes his work for Pain's at Whiteparish
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman reports from Australia
  • Fourth of July, Orange, California: Chris Squyres provides his annual report
  • Reviewing the Situation: John Bennett considers the 'Review' of firework controls and legislation
  • Letter from America: Larry Crump has news from across the water
  • Fire and Stell, Torringtton: Martin Brown provides a fascinating account of how fireworks recreated a scene from a Civil War battle
  • Book Reviews: including that important DTI document, 'Trends in Fireworks Sales and Accidents'
  • The Paul White Cartoon


  • Guy Fawkes: Two editorial sections reflecting the importance of recent legislation and plans
  • Books and Publications: six new books, seven new videos, one new periodical
  • Round-up
  • Letters


  • The Firework (Safety) Regulations 1996 analysed - with views from the trade and enthusiasts
  • How one Australian state licences firework sales
  • The Foti Family of pyrotechnists
  • Warren Klofkorn has unearthed more 19th century firework literature
  • A children's book which truly reflects the joys of fireworks
  • The Labour Party's views on firework regulation
  • Standard Fireworks in Parliament
  • Banger ban
  • The Fire Safety Bill - with hidden firework measures
  • Firework import prosecution
  • Period of sale, age of purchase, pollution, noise - attack from all sides
  • New Shimizu
  • New Ron Lancaster video
  • The Belgian strike banger - it's getting into The Netherlands
  • Firework events to attend
  • Jubilee Fireworks, Octavius Hunt win awards
  • Cat 4 to general public
  • Bomb bags - fireworks? Firework imports and exports
  • Regional vairations in accident figures
  • A new British firework factory
  • Northern Ireland - fireworks legalsided
  • Too hot to fire? Completely new water effect from Roman candles
  • Sexual favours for firework sales? US accident trends are down
  • Larry Crump at Bonfire
  • American reaction to shell ban
  • Media firework hysteria
  • Valentine's Fireworks
  • Museum firework exhibits
  • US view of Bonfire

This issue also features news and information on courses, letters technical subjects, legislation, 'bygone' illustrations, editorial, cartoons, controversy, the facts about government views on restrictive legislation on fireworks, a full colour nostalgic spread and other topical subjects.


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