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Back issues

Issue 32

Issue 32

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

  • The Fireworks (Safety) Regulations 1997: Reveals the restrictions that weren't publicised
  • Schedule 2: The Hidden Abolition: Many of our commonly used, safe, display fireworks are now forbidden - our analysis of Schedule 2 shows how
  • Pain's and Wessex: the Turbulent Years: John Bennett traces their history through troubled times. What did happen when the two companies combined?
  • The Fireworks Bill: The legislation has not finished. Will the new legislation bring more restrictions - or new training measures - or both?
  • The Shell Survey: Would training be practicable - Paul White, with the evidence of his painstaking research - provides the answer
  • Letter from America: Larry in England - and on the web
  • Firework Displays over the Last Century: Ron Lancaster traces their history
  • Malta: Land of Fireworks: Rob Driessen provides a picturesque account
  • Belle Vue Gardens: Lou Nadin rolls back the years and the famous Firework Island lives again
  • The Tom Smith Report: Tom focuses on training
  • Directory and Trade News: The details you need in a fast changing industry: 65 companies listed and news of those in trouble
  • The Paul White Cartoon: It's a serious message - but you have to laugh!
  • Inquest Reports: on the two shell deaths. It was not as reported
  • Festival Fireworks in Monaco - 1992: Chris Pearce recalls the year we were proud to be British
  • Dean Fireworks: Peter Stone tells the story of difficult times of Britain's newest manufacturer
  • Down Under: there's news from a country with too much firework regulation from Barry Sturman


  • Guy Fawkes reflecting the importance of recent legislation and plans
  • Books and Publications: six new books, one new video, two new periodicals
  • Round-up of news and information
  • Letters
  • Many nostalgic illustrations, with colour pictures of Pain's fireworks, and Wilhelm Widenmann's Love letters firework
  • Display Diary insert


  • Training schemes - will the Government legislate? It seems more likely
  • The end of major British manufacturing? Astra gone
  • Whither Standard?
  • Research into emissions from fireworks - will they hit us with that next?
  • Nostalgic firework literature described
  • Octavius Hunt - end of fireworks
  • New British manufacturers
  • Rocket journal comes to Britain
  • Chris Pearce provides an analytical account of a firework dictionary
  • DTI press conference on firework consultation - were you invited? No nor were we
  • Newspaper attacks nanny state on fireworks
  • Three new operator training courses
  • Two new firework trade organisations formed in Britain - and BPA open door - you're no longer too small
  • Hong Kong - Kimbolton & Black Cat
  • Bright metal colour stars and delay shells are here
  • An ex-firework research chemist not allowed to fire shells
  • Rip raps weren't jumping crackers but cracker strings
  • Folded quickmatch jumping jacks
  • We hear from Madame Hengler's great great great great grandson!
  • Defeatist Britain - did we invite firework bans?
  • Firework formulae collection: Terry Macdonald on Jersey.


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