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Back issues

Issue 35

Issue 35

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • When I Fired for Takeo Shimizu: David Clough proudly remembers
  • On the Dartford Marshes: the Joseph Wells firework factory remains. For how long? Robert Dunn and Peter Glaves investigate
  • Where Money and Effort are not Spared to Nail the Firework Man - Even if he has Committed no Crime: Jack Drewes reports on Weedsport
  • Waltham Abbey Gunpowder Mills: Astounding pictures and report from Rainer Davis
  • San Remo World Firework Championships: Laurence Cooper was there
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman looks at Chinese fireworks in Australia
  • Obituaries: Bill Pestell remembered by Ian Craig
  • Regulation and Sub-legislation: Tom Smith reports
  • Letter from America: Our US correspondent has news of recent events across the water
  • Internet Round-up: from Paul Tierney
  • Major Books Reviewed: Lancaster New Edition & Shimizu: Chris Pearce provides the reviews
  • News from the Trade Bodies: British Pyrotechnists' Association and the Explosives Industry Group: and Ron Rapley provides a few words
  • Fourth of July Report: Chris Squyres reports of an evening of firework fun from a town where fireworks are banned
  • The End of a Family Tradition?: Have the authorities finally defeated George Amabilino?
  • Fire Fest 1998: Paul Birch was at PGI
  • British Champions Honourable Performance at San Sebastian: Adrian Goldsmith felt the heat
  • British Firework Championships: Natasha Webb and Bill Deeker provide their distinctively different articles


  • Double helping of colour pages - more nostalgia: Pictures: Brock's bangers from original penny banger days
  • Britannia Fireworks
  • Old periodicals
  • Waltham Abbey buildings
  • Wells' plans and pictures
  • KC Fireworks
  • British Firework Championships in full colour
  • Snowstorm-Volcano - Widenmann print
  • Lewes Bonfire
  • Book reviews - three new books, and more in books and publications (two new videos; two new periodicals and two new CD-ROMs too)
  • Notice board of events
  • Letters: from Consumer Minister, Firework Co., Councillor in favour of fireworks - and another American with a Guy Fawkes celebration


  • Did the Government mean the Fireworks Bill to fail?
  • Letter from new Fireworks Minister
  • Midland Bank offers firework safety advice
  • Banning makes problems worse
  • ITSA propose new licensing system for firework sales
  • Where firework retailers plea for fireworks to be banned
  • New regulations and complications
  • Emergency Exit display advice
  • BTEC courses go ahead
  • Millennium Bug - will it prevent your display?
  • Benson & Hedges to end
  • Ignite fire Valley show
  • Sandling break-in
  • Major new firework competition - and festival
  • Sinister goings on in Texas at Guy Fawkes

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