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Back issues

Issue 38

Issue 38

sponsored by Fantastic Fireworks

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Main items are:

  • Chinese Firework Paradise: Graham Lundegaard visits China
  • Firework Legislation: Ron Lancaster casts a critical eye
  • The Last Years of Benwell Fireworks: Steve Williams brings the Benwell story up to date
  • St Michael's Firework Factory, Lija, Malta: Rainer Davis has the story
  • US Update: Jack Drewes backs European research
  • News from the BPA: Ron Lancaster looks at their work
  • Going Dutch: Rob Driessen finds romance with fireworks in Castellon
  • Book Reviews: Chris Pearce reviews two important new books
  • Tom Smith Report: Tom covers Enschede - and brings news of EIG
  • Directory: 100 companies' details
  • Around the Companies: New feature replaces Trade News
  • Firework Periodicals: Their publishers provide information
  • Harry Long: Sadly missed, Harry is remembered by Martin Guest and Wilf Scott
  • Antipodean Jottings: Barry Sturman's lively account of Millennium madness, dogs and the Festival of Fire
  • Sydney's Millennium: Ian Tapp made the trip
  • Festival of Fireworks: Natasha Webb makes the mouth water for this year's event
  • Letter from America: Larry Crump brings more news from Texas


  • Guy Fawkes Editorial
  • Cartoons - one from Paul White
  • Round up
  • Four new books and one new video considered
  • Letters
  • Illustrations of Benwell Fireworks and Sydney (colour)
  • Maltese shells


  • Millennium - the mayhem did not materialise
  • 1999 accident figures analysed
  • Ken Livingstone - what will it mean for fireworks?
  • Enschede - could it happen here?
  • Wilder's - and other lost stories
  • MSER is coming
  • Safety tips from Ron Lancaster
  • Firework transportation - almost impossible? One firm has the answer
  • Internet swap centre for firework collectors
  • Taiwan has imitation fireworks
  • Collector extraordinaire
  • Red Indians fight for fireworks
  • Fireworks and music
  • Catherine wheel record
  • The Fifth - on the Fourth! Firework companies merge
  • Firework exhibitions
  • Training courses
  • British Firework Championships
  • Indian firework labels
  • New British manufacturers - the struggle's worth it!
  • Renewing Fireworks by standing order

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