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Back issues

Issue 41

Issue 41

sponsored by Vulcan Fireworks

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

European Pyrotechnics Association set up Pascale Renouf explains why

The Wallop Fireworks Story John Bennett provides a detailed history and brings Wallop fireworks back to life

Antipodean Jottings Barry Sturman on things Down Under, adding a visit to Tokyo

Internet Round Up Larry Crump surfs the web for fireworks

Sky-filling in Hull Laurie Jackson provides a description of the Tall Ship display in Hull

A Winter's Tale Steve Overy remembers the snow

Revised Timetable for MSER Chris Raymond, from HSE, has the news

Letter from America Larry Crump considers State-side issues

Obituaries of William Dunning and Mr A Chelladhurai Eileen Amabilino and John Bennett

News from the BPA from Ron Lancaster

British Musical Firework Championships: two views from Ron Lancaster and Eileen Amabilino

Cannes 2001: Kimbolton won Darryl Fleming reports

Vital changes to legislation - reaction to Enschede Act now says Tom Smith

PGI Convention Report (plus how Fireworks gets people together!) Paul Birch was there

Transition to the Third Millennium sees the welcome return of Lou Nadin

Fourth of July, Orange, Californiawith Chris Squyres providing his annual report

Teaching Kids: an amusing account of how firework education can be fun from Tony Wilk

Display at Alexandra Palace 18 August 1906 (contemporary account)

AND... Letters; Round Up; Editorial; Pictorial Nostalgia - Wallop labels, staff; Pictures of Barry Sturman's visit to Tokyo, The Tall Ships display (colour) and Valencia (colour); Reviews of important new books and videos

WITH: South Australia bans fireworks; some in this country try to; How the Wallop article came about; Too many firework companies? Buxton trials of maroons; Tarragona competition; Maltese experts fly to Texas; The Oosting Report ; Balloon Fiesta on the Web; Percy Morris (97) made gunpowder; Pyro Smiles; Crime and fireworks; Moves and changes at firework companies; Fantastic wins award; Arrested - for hating fireworks; International Fireworks Association formed; Illegal fireworks; Firework museum goes ahead - sort of; Liz Pugh reports on Walk the Plank's shows; Results of Macau, Montreal, San Remo, Plymouth, Tarragona, Southport; Trend towards liberalisation of firework law in U.S.; New firework manufacturing company starting up; Misleading press reports; Metal mortars - it provoked responses as we thought it would! Coloured flowers from China; Sing-a-long fireworks; Heartbeat revisited; Brock's - information wanted; Fireworks from planes; Dartford - again; John Bryce on white gunpowder.

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