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The Fireworks Regulations 2003 What do they mean for us? Not the media misunderstandings but the facts John Bennett investigates

George Plimpton Jon Culverhouse provides an obituary of the great firework man

The Ron Lancaster Page Ron Lancaster provokes some lively debate

Fireworks Act A useful, concise, one-paged summary - what you need to face the legislative future

Ron Hall John Bennett went to see the grand old man of Brock's

Proposed EU Pyrotechnics Regulation Tom Smith says it is more of a threat than the Fireworks Act and UN Classification

Summer Fireworks FantasiaNatasha Webb covered it for us

Thirty Years of Pyrotechnic Effigies Robin Gray has been lacing the guys with fireworks for many years

A Tale of Two Barges One was in Waterford, one in Malta. Rainer Davis reports on both

News from the BPA Chris Pearce has important news

Vibrant Valencia Christine Lundegaard went for the Symposium - and fireworks

Internet Round up Paul Tierney's been surfing

Wallop Fireworks John Bennett traces the sad last days of Wallop fireworks

Explosives and Fireworks Database Paul Rushton explains how it's searchable - free - on the Web

Festival of Fireworks - Shugborough Natasha Webb was there

San Trifone Amazing fireworks seen by Rob Driessen

Antipodean Jottings Barry Sturman on fireworks Down Under

The American Scene Charles Weeth reports from across the pond

The Fireworks Act is here as our salvation John Woodhead proves the point

End this Madness Yobs are threatening our fireworks. Chris Case tells us why

An American view of British Fireworks Jack Drewes trawls the media in USA

AND... Letters; Round Up; Editorial; Pictorial Nostalgia - Brock's adverts from 1937; New books and videos;

WITH:Northern Ireland: Licensing doesn't work - that's official; Eire has no fireworks - that's why they need training to use them! The Firework Co. in liquidation - but there's good news; US murder - with fireworks; How did the Fireworks Bill survive? MP questions RSPCA motives with regard to fireworks - they just want them all banned; Fireworks re-prints back issues in new cumulative editions; The Fireworks database - searchable for you; You can be the author of the new British Pyrotechnics Society website; Chemistry Week in Nottingham - Rev. Lancaster was there; Cheerleading and fireworks; Risk assessments; 1949 film of Chinese fireworks and shop - available again on DVD; Southport and Shugborough - available on video; Attempts to stamp out fireworks in Australia unsuccessful - might just as well legalise them; Cannes film shows fireworks - but are they legal? The Station: special fx disaster; The Patriot Act - it affects fireworks; Sex and fireworks and; Making fireworks with a grenade! How stupid can people get? Firework greeting cards; Computer generated firework displays; Whizzo Fireworks

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