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Back issues

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Issue 54

sponsored by Brothers Pyrotechnics

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

Providing you with fascinating features:

Steve Allison, display artist extraordinary - and collector (pages of pictures of his collection); Festival of Fireworks (Natasha Webb was there); Hugh Roberts remembered.

Keeping you up to date with the latest developments:

Why Chinese exports are fewer and more expensive this year; Problems with the European Standard; Directory of over 100 companies; New book from The Faversham Society; News of the firework competitions; Kenwood returns; Imprisonment for possession in Halifax; News from The HSE, BFA, BPA, UKPS, CBI/EIG with information for small companies; The Ron Lancaster Column.

Giving you a wallow in fireworks’ past:

The incomparable Mark Fleming concentrates on the banger - with marvellous illustrations; Mike Glover worked for Pains Wessex and recalls his days in manufacturing and display firing; Jumping crackers writ large; Titanic distress signals.

Amusing and entertaining you:

What would you do to warn shipping - fire a display of course! A firework safety campaign with a difference; Piccolo Pete banned - for doing what it should; Sturtz cartoon - and firework personality.

Providing you with practical information:

New BPA Firers’ Training and Examination Scheme.

Supplying firework news from around the world:

Australia’s Steve Lawrence goes on a buying trip to China; Developments in News South Wales; Clampdown on illegal fireworks in China, Cyprus and Pakistan; Bob Lawrence recalls his Fourths.

Providing you with colourful firework photographs:

Leeds Castle; Numerous nostalgia pictures of fireworks past; Amazing action colour photos from Correfoc.

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