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Back issues

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Issue 56

sponsored by Qingcao Fireworks Mfg. Co. Ltd.

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

It contains fascinating features:
A profile of Ken Humphries who started making fireworks at Astra and is still in the firework industry forty two years later. Plus a history of the Firework Champions competition - profusely illustrated in colour

If you use fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
UKPS is a society for enthusiasts who wish to really get involved. Here’s how you can - with a leaflet by which you can join. Also in this issue a Directory of 145 companies

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Chris Pearce wonders if the magic has gone from retail fireworks - an article accompanied by mouth watering nostalgia photographs of boxes of Standard fireworks. And Mike Thomson continues his reminiscences. Also, do you remember the Pain’s Spinning Top - Martin Weselby does

It amuses and entertains you:
Cartoons from Sturtz. We also tell you about the pyrotechnic car and the fireworks mistaken for UFOs. A report - from those who made it - is also provided of the BBC series, Rocket Science

It provides you with practical information:
A user friendly guide to explosives classification is provided (flow chart is linked) by Allen Webb. And we consider how the firework industry is faring in these difficult times, with items on classification, imports and the European Standard on fireworks (it may contain at least some good news). Also consideration of the 20gm limit on rockets

It supplies firework news from around the world:
News of Journal of Pyrotechnics’ entry into the world of on-demand online pyrotechnics articles, as well as our usual look at the Fourth of July in California

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Colour firework display photography from Paul Brock Photography and others. Also pages of nostalgic colour pictures of fireworks of old

It remembers major firework figures:
Ken Bailey - a major figure in the firework industry from his Pains Wessex days - has died

It provides the unusual:
Barry Sturman explores the byways of pyrotechnics - in this issue considering the early history of the sparkler

Writing in issue 56: Ron Lancaster; Mark Fleming; John Woodhead; John Bennett; Andy Hubble; Martin Guest; Barry Sturman; Mike Thomson; Chris Pearce; Chris Squyres, Mat Lawrence, Michael Glover; Allen Webb and Phil Dunford

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