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Back issues

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Issue 59

sponsored by Qingcao Fireworks Mfg. Co. Ltd.

(UK only)
(Outside Europe)

It keeps you up to date:
Is this the end of Chinese fireworks - no cakes, few shells...? News on the Amberley Museum project and information on a new museum venture

It covers unique events:
Fireworks on the Bridge on the River Kwai; International Symposium report; Jersey - D-Day simulation

It obtains the views of fascinating people:
Michelle Fox-Rousell recalls Guy Fawkes past and our profile subject is Roly Harrison with plenty of Pain’s nostalgia

If you use fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
The Pyrotechnic (Safety) Regulations are now out, as well as the associated new ‘British’ Standard for fireworks; Electric igniters - why are they not attached at source? - Charles Weeth explains

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Jerome K Jerome’s Boy Who Made Fireworks - reprinted for the first time in over 100 years; Pathe News videos of Guy Fawkes past; Pictures and information - the new firework ads website; Bob Lawrence recalls the U.S. firework years after The War

It amuses and entertains you:
The famous cartoons by Sturtz and Wilf Scott is the Firework Personality plus A Day in the Life of The Human Firecracker plus The William Widenmann cartoon

It supplies firework news from around the world:
New Zealand Notes and Chris Pearce tells the story of Jubilee’s success in The Philippines

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Pain’s, Standard, Brock’s fireworks from yesteryear; the wonderful photography of Richard Spencer, plus Liam Loughlin at Bolton Le Sands feature; Brilliant photographs of Plymouth, Southport (Bill Davis provides an account, with Hannah Clarkson recalling Pyrotex’s winning display); Amazing photo of a spark leaving a firework

It provides the unusual:
Barry Sturman explores the byways of pyrotechnics - in this issue considering the invention of glitter; Michael Jupp considers the Db level of maroons; Pyro company reproduces Lady Gaga’s bra; Big Wheel record attempt

Also: Local government cuts hit firework industry; Will fireworks be banned at the Olympic Games? 4 new publications reviewed; Update on the Winters of Festival Fireworks; News from EIG, UKPS

Writing in this issue: Hannah Clarkson; James Bevis; Michelle Fox-Rousell; Michael Jupp; Cynthia Morrison; Bill Davis; Michael Morey; Bob Lawrence; Charles Weeth; Andy Hubble; Simon Costin; Chris Pearce; Ron Lancaster; Phil Dunford; John Woodhead; John Bennett; Martin Guest; Christine Lundegaard; Barry Sturman and A N Lealand

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