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Back issues

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Issue 60

sponsored by Viking Fireworks

(UK only)
(Europe only)
(Outside Europe)

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
A love affair in the 1940s - born at Standard Fireworks; We see wonderful pictures of the ranges of Wells’, Wilder’s, Standard and Wizard fireworks; Simon Werrett tells the fascinating history of Fireworks and the Electric Fire; John Woodhead writes his last article for Fireworks; Amberley firework museum proceeds apace - see what it will look like

It keeps you up to date:
Martin Guest fills us in on developments on the European firework standards; European Standards on Cat 4 and theatrical pyrotechnics gather pace; Yet more legislation published

It covers unique events:
Darryl Fleming provides the detail on Kimbolton’s New Year display in London; The Year of the Light fireworks to celebrate the Bell Rock Lighthouse’s 200th anniversary - by the man who fired them; Chris Pearce describes Jubilee Fireworks’ Monaco 2010 campaign

It obtains the views of fascinating people:
Martin Jupp provides an amusing account of his explosive life; David Merritt’s fascinating firework life with Wessex and Pain’s Fireworks - at High Post Salisbury - is recounted; Andy Hubble expresses some controversial views; Firework award ceremonies - Jon Culverhouse canvasses views

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
The first company to be prosecuted for importing fireworks containing hexachlorobenzene; Firework storage available in Oxfordshire; Ron Lancaster predicts the future of fireworks

It says goodbye to:
Dr Takeo Shimizu and Tim Bower - obituaries by Ron Lancaster and John Woodhead

It amuses and entertains you:
Lee Smith covers Nottingham Castle and 1st Galaxy’s royal display

It supplies firework news from around the world:
China’s fireworks have improved since they exchanged innovation for noise; Anthony Lealand reports on the earthquake in New Zealand

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Nostalgia plus the work of Ian Cramman and Richard Spencer

It provides the unusual:
Win tickets to Firework Champions in our competition; Phil Dunford describes the making of Victorian Pharmacy

Also: Ministers watch New Year Show; Firework referendum in Malta; Jason Belsey’s fireworks with wooden sculptures; 3 new publications; How Nightfreight delivers fireworks; News from EIG, UKPS

Writing in this issue: Darryl Fleming, Pete and Chris Dunford, Andy Hubble, Jon Culverhouse, Ron Lancaster, John Woodhead, Anthony Lealand, Steve Miller, Michael Jupp, Martin Guest, David Downes, Geoff Crow, Lee Smith, Chris Pearce, Simon Werrett, John Bennett; Photographs by Richard Spencer and Ian Cramman; cartoons by Sturtz

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