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Back issues

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Issue 61

sponsored by Chemical Publishing

(UK only)
(Europe only)
(Outside Europe)

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
We celebrate 30 years of publication; Mark Fleming investigates the Lore of The Fire; Rainer Davis provides his Firework Reflections; Alan Wells (of Wells Fireworks) recalls When The Balloon Went Up at Wells Fireworks displays in the 1930s

It keeps you up to date:
The Pyrotechnic Articles Directive (European Standard) is finally available - Martin Guest describes it; BPA exams are increasing in importance

It covers unique events:
Remember Remember - Sam Skillings recalls the success of the Compton Verney firework history exhibition; Bill Davis reports on Plymouth and Southport; Lee Smith describes 1st Galaxy’s Cannes display - and Suzanne Hayton provides a female view of it

It obtains the views of fascinating people:
Christie Dickason, writer on firework history - John Bennett visited her

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
Charles Weeth further investigates igniters in shells; Claire Cox of the Environment Agency warns that your fireworks may contain chemicals that shouldn’t be present in them; Tom Smith covers risk assessment for firework displays; Problems of importing from China

It amuses and entertains you:
The Oban display; Cartoons from Sturtz; Burglars in Florida provide firework display

It supplies firework news:
Cosmic are wound up - Star is re-born; The M5 crash; European Court ruling on firework displays near houses

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Brock’s - Wilder, Pain’s posters; Standard, Lion, Benwell boxes and contents; Pictures from World Firework Championships, Battersea Park, Victoria Park and Preston Riverway Festival

It provides the unusual:
Patrick Hickey explains high speed photography of fireworks - it’s now affordable; Barry Sturman provides reflections on Bengal Fire

Also: British Musical Firework Championships in danger; Guinness World Record Catherine wheel; Mark Kelly’s firework display art; Terry McDonald misery continues; International Firework Competition in Hanover; Free video seminar on the chemistry of fireworks; Collection of firework recipes; More on UN cartons; Directory of British fireworks; The Henglers’ Bible; Rainbow Fireworks; Allwin Fireworks slot machine; Chinese lantern ban? Indoor fireworks available again

Writing in this issue: Andy Hubble, Ron Lancaster, Martin Guest, Mark Fleming, Charles Weeth, Patrick Hickey, Barry Sturman, Claire Cox, Sam Skillings, Martin Coffin, Bill Davis, Suzanne Hayton, Rainer Davis, Tom Smith, Alan Wells, Lee Smith, John Bennett; Photographs by Paul Brocklehurst and Ian Cramman; cartoons by Sturtz

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