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Issue 64

sponsored by Pro-fusion Pyrotechnics

(UK only)
(Europe only)
(Outside Europe)

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Rousers, rookies and Lewes Bonfire - Peter Martin looks at these fascination fireworks and provides illustrations; My Astra Days - by Paul Mulvihill, with pictures of the Sandwich factory as it is now - and when Paul worked there

It covers unique events:
How Mike Knox took his firing system to Malta - and stayed to help on the display; A very special wedding display is described by Gary Roberts

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
CE marking of fireworks almost destroyed the British firework industry and is still a major issue; How do you test a firework that has already been destroyed? REACH Regulations; Hexachlorobenzene

It amuses and entertains you:
The Sturtz cartoons and amusing articles; Matthew Tosh describes his firework lectures to schools; The Letters pages provide your views; Monaco win - from the crew’s perspective; Sarah Howarth profiles Richard Babington

It supplies firework news:
We remember three stalwarts of the firework world: John Park; Rup Bagha and Dorothy Drewes; British Firework Championships - are they in real danger? News comes from UKPS, BPA and EIG; New copiously illustrated firework book is free!

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Monaco; The remarkable work of Janie Briton and Bill Pews; Nostalgia pictures of old Astra fireworks; also Standard, Brock’s, Wilder’s etc.

It keeps you up to date:
New publications; Developments in regulations

It provides the unusual:
The remarkable tale of Wan Hu - told by Cynthia Morrison; Fireworks on voyages of exploration - Simon Werrett shows how ‘entertainment’ fireworks were an essential part of a ship’s cargo

and... More on the Taunton Rugby Club issue; Dutch Parliament resists threats to ban fireworks - by public demand; Ron Lancaster receives major award; Chinese weather authorities provide a public information service for firework users; Muse and Coldplay run into trouble with fireworks; Firework experimentation - by consent of the authorities? Wells’ made Lewes Bonfire rousers! Is this the end of the line for British firework manufacture? Unique firework book collection for sale; Battle Proms series - picture; Christie Dickason tells us fireworks are more important than towing her publisher’s line; Socket signals; Directory of 165 companies

Writing in this issue: Matthew Tosh, Cynthia Morrison, Andy Hubble, Ron Lancaster, Martin Guest, Paul Mulvihill, Martyn Sime, Jack Drewes, Phil Dunford, Simon Werrett, Peter Martin, John Woodhead, Mark Fleming, Mike Knox, Joe Webb, Anthony Lealand, Gary Roberts, Sarah Howarth and John Bennett; Cartoons by Sturtz

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