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Issue 65

sponsored by Jonathan's Fireworks

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It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
It is time for the Mortrams to step out of the shadow of their illustrious contemporaries - the story, involving feuds, imprisonment, fires, explosions and unprecedented success in the world of pyrotechny is told by John Bennett; John Lockwood remembers a remarkable lady whose pyrotechnic achievements helped to win the American Civil War; Michael Baldwin provides an amusing look back at the toxic fireworks of our ancestors; Barry Sturman considers those unusual firework names and how they originated; Ron Harris describes how fireworks appeared again after the War.

It covers unique events:
Bob Hessian provides an account of anvil firing in Bicester; Matt Palaszynski describes the ISF event in China

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
Rod Buckle reports that our choice of music for firework displays is not all it should be; Mat Lawrence looks at Italy’s finest - Vaccalluzzo Fireworks; UKPS keeps the flame alive - Phil Dunford elaborates; We look at the European Standard and BPA criteria for membership

It amuses and entertains you:
The Sturtz and Wilf Scott cartoons and amusing articles; Elaine Moore describes firework displays from a wheelchair

It supplies firework news:
We remember Steve Button - a stalwart of the firework trade; Passfire is a new film about fireworks around the world - Jesse Veverka tells its story; A year of judging fireworks - Bill Davis looks back with pleasure; Simon Harding recalls his life in fireworks - and the Sirotechnics story; Martyn Cooper describes Star Fireworks’ victory at Plymouth

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Wessex fireworks of the 50s; Rainbow fireworks of the 60s; Vaccalluzzo factory; Southport and Catton Hall

It keeps you up to date:
New publications; Developments in regulations; Mike Roberts provides a eulogy for The World Famous

and... More on the Taunton Rugby Club issue; Rainbow fireworks a surprise find in a drawer of an antique cabinet; Viking Fireworks acquire TPL; Folkestone councillor not prepared for opposition when he recommends we drop Guy Fawkes; New Year fireworks in London extended by three years; Sadness at death of Alex Selby; New EIG website; Ron Lancaster considers how displays have changed; 2013 was a bad year for retail sales - but don’t despair; Absurdity in Northern Irish firework regulation; Darlington Council - Go to a display, don’t fire your own. Oh, by the way, ours is cancelled

Writing in this issue: Bob Hessian; Andy Hubble, Ron Lancaster, Martin Guest, Phil Dunford, John Woodhead, Rod Buckle, Mat Lawrence, Jesse Veverka, Bill Davis, Simon Harding, Martyn Cooper, Mike Roberts, John Lockwood, Nigel Claydon, Matt Palaszynski, Michael Baldwin, Barry Sturman, Elaine Moore, Ron Harris and John Bennett; Cartoons by Sturtz and Wilf Scott; Photography by Michael Turner, Paul Brocklehurst, Peter Cawley and Judi Cheeseman

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