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Issue 66

sponsored by MLE Pyrotechnics

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Fireworks is now available electronically - link from articles to websites; pay less subscription; use word search to find those elusive articles... Go to black panel on left - Subscribe ELECTRONIC and VIEW COPIES

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Chris Pearce tells the remarkable story of the Standard Pyro Pack - the first multishots? Paul Mulvihill brings the Astra story up to date; Ron Harris continues his story about how fireworks appeared again after the War; We continue the Mortrams Story - involving feuds, imprisonment, fires, explosions and unprecedented success in the world of pyrotechny - told by John Bennett

It covers unique events:
Mike Knox exhorts us to attend PGI; Pyrotex won in Malta - Hannah Clarkson has the story; Darryl Fleming describes his London and Edinburgh New Year displays; Jesse Veverka tells the story of the Greek Rocket Wars on Chios

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
Elaine Moore has some vital information about how firework companies could be doing more to assist the disabled; James Killerby considers the safe labelling and transport of fireworks; Martin Guest reviews the latest legislation

It amuses and entertains you:
John Lockwood tells the amazing story of the great firework scandal of 1911. Sturtz and Wilf Scott provide cartoons; Sam Lovett was a competition winner with his evocative photo; Barry Sturman traces the amazing history of Armstrong’s Mixture; Chris Allen thinks we should be more upbeat about fireworks; Taking fireworks to Belfast - it isn’t easy: Matthew Tosh explains; Joe Cameron recalls his days in fireworks

It supplies firework news:
We remember Graham Bax and Alex Selby; Anthony Lealand examines the crazy legislative situation in New Zealand

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Paul Brock’s wonderful pictures of New Year; Wessex and Pain’s Wessex fireworks from the past; Luke Gale makes his debut

It keeps you up to date:
New publications; Developments in regulations

and... The Dutch government is catching online illegal firework purchasers by setting up fake websites; Tests suggest environmental harm from fireworks - we disprove them; M5 Crash not caused by fireworks; Firework trade asked to attend Home Office meeting about terrorists obtaining fireworks; Andy Hubble visits Malta; More on the European Directive; World record fireworks have an English connection; Chinese firework manufacturing problems

Writing in this issue: James Killerby, Sam Lovett, Mike Knox, Chris Allen, Gary Roberts, Hannah Clarkson, Paul Mulvihill, Martin Coffin, Anthony Lealand, Chris Pearce, Matthew Tosh, Darryl Fleming, Joe Cameron, Andy Hubble, Ron Lancaster, Martin Guest, Jesse Veverka, Barry Sturman, Elaine Moore, Ron Harris and John Bennett; Cartoons by Sturtz and Wilf Scott; Photography by Luke Gale and Paul Brocklehurst

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