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Issue 69

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Fireworks is now available electronically - link from articles to websites; pay less subscription; use word search to find those elusive articles... Go to black panel on left - Subscribe ELECTRONIC and VIEW COPIES

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past:
Dudley fireworks re-appear - Illustrations of these, Wilder’s, Pain’s and Phoenix; Alan Wells concludes his series on Bernard Wells; Richard Lane recalls his days in fireworks

It keeps you up to date:
European and UN legislation explained

It covers unique events:
Darryl Fleming describes his displays for the Rugby World Cup and Wembley

It delves into firework history:
The Fred Rowcliffe Story - Chris Pearce provides a biography of Standard’s early stalwart; John Turner writes about Cannon’s Fireworks and Hengler’s Fireworks; Barry Sturman traces the history of Thomas Kentish

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know:
Andy Hubble covers CE marking difficulties, expiry of classifications, changes at HSE and rule changes at the British Firework Championships; Ron Lancaster writes about COMAH and REACH; Anthony Lealand considers the mortars to use safely; John Halfpenny reports on classification, labelling and packaging - and the changes in retail licences

It says goodbye to:
Bill Maslin - Peter Stone, John Brandon, Christopher Brain and John Goodall remember the great man

It amuses and entertains you:
Elaine Moore looks at the embryo firework fan - and how he developed; Cartoons by Sturtz and from the Widenmann Collection; John Bennett provides a beginner’s guide to fireworks

It supplies firework news from around the world:
Bill Davis recalls the judging year; Jon Culverhouse on his company’s victory at Plymouth

It provides you with colourful firework photographs:
Paul Brock with display pictures from Alton Towers; Images of Southport and Catton Hall by Michael Turner, P J Whitby and Champion News

It provides nostalgia illustrated:
Standard Fireworks factory and fireworks in the 1920s; 17 coloured pictures of Standard fireworks from the 1950s on

It provides the unusual:
John Lockwood recalls the first rocket plane

Also: Strange instructions on modern shop goods; Drones at displays; Holding Catherine wheels; Firework free zones in Holland; Fireworks in Thailand; Recollections of Philippa Lewis and Stuart Finnigan; Two established firework concerns for sale; Jubilee win in Montreal; Own use fireworks do not need CE marking

Writing in this issue: Elaine Moore, Chris Pearce, Andy Hubble, Ron Lancaster, Anthony Lealand, Alan Wells, John Halfpenny, John Turner, Peter Stone, John Brandon, Christopher Brain, Bill Davis, John Goodall, John Lockwood, Darryl Fleming, Barry Sturman, John Bennett, Jon Culverhouse, Richard Lane

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