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Why you can’t afford to be without the latest issue of Fireworks:

It covers the important firework issues: Fireworks for Elizabeth - how did the BBC do? - Chris Pearce takes an overall view - and Simon Werrett was in it; We recall one of the best known names in fireworks - Stephen Hawking who has died; Elaine Moore describes a communal firework event and blasts the protesters who would destroy it all

It delves into firework history: Bob Barclay looks at Handel’s Musick for the Royal Fireworks; Recalling Frank Brock - a new book; John Lockwood considers the firework associations of the Washington Monument; Barry Sturman continues to relate the history of that remarkable family, The Southbys

It covers the firework world: We go to The Philippines and Malta; Tony Cardell reviews John Conkling’s latest book

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: Another firework petition - attempt to ban retail sales unsuccessful; Tina Tucci successfully refutes the claims of the protesters; Fireworks International cease trading; O2 Mobile block access to firework sites; Revised Firework Code issued; Qualification - Person with
Specialist Knowledge - does it cover you? Investigation into the sensitivity of commonly used electronic igniters; Post Brexit plans; Andy Hubble provides a review of the industry’s issues

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: Stuart Smith recalls his days at Standard Fireworks; Chris Pearce re-tells the career of Kathryn Wickham Wilkinson at Standard and later at Pyro 2000; Ian Craig continues his account of 31 years in the firework industry; A cartoonist in a firework factory? - Standard had everything

It amuses and entertains you: Sturtz continues his ‘Leading Lights’ series - are you depicted? Firework poetry from two of the great poets - James Reeves and Babette Deutsch; John Bennett continues the memoirs of his fifties and sixties fireworks; Laurie Jackson recalls some startling skeletons in his cupboard

It provides the unusual: Chris Hutchison recalls the Firework Co. explosion - on its 20th anniversary; John Bennett explores Philip Pullman’s classic, The Firework Maker’s Daughter; Where did the cracker snap come from? More on Wells

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Standard, Wells’, Wessex, Pains-Wessex, Wilder’s, and Rainbow’s Mighty Midget reappear from the past in glorious colour - and a beautiful Justin Creswell picture of fireworks across Dutch Harbor

Writing in this issue: Elaine Moore, Tony Cardell, John Bennett, Martin Coffin, bob Hryndyj, John Halfpenny, Tina Tucci, Andy Hubble, Chris Hutchison, Ron Lancaster, Babette Deutsch, Scott Machin, Chris Pearce, Simon Werrett, Ian Craig, John Lockwood, Stuart Smith, James Reeves, Bob Barclay and Barry Sturman

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