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Why you can’t afford to be without the latest issue of Fireworks:

It covers the important firework issues: Yet another debate in response to an online petition; Elaine Moore questions the organisation of the major competitions; Joanne Dwyer explains how a firework competition is a shot in the arm for a seaside resort

It delves into firework history: John Lockwood considers fireworks in literature; Barry Sturman concludes his history of that remarkable family, The Southbys; Harry Smee’s book is withdrawn

It covers the firework world: We remember Jack Drewes and look at his amazing life; Sadly another firework great has left us - Maria Barron explores the life of Anthony Lealand; Is Enschde to be re-investigated? Pyrotex wins the Pyromagic competition in Poland - Scott Machin describes how; Göran Svensson considers his firework past in Sweden; Dutch to introduce designated firework firing zones and are investigating safe ways of firing rockets

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: Low injury reports last Guy Fawkes are considered by Andy Hubble; Stephen Miller considers apprenticeships for firework people; Ron Lancaster considers the effect on the industry of Brexit; Scott Pounder tells how his company, Electrify, obtained grant aid for their firework operation; Dick Budgen takes you behind the scenes at the fusing shed as Fantastic prepare for the 2018 season; Jon West provides suggestions on how a traditional set-piece display might utilise modern firing systems; Cliff Stonestreet begins his series on the issues covered by the BPA; Barry Sturman looks at the fallacies behind the anti-firework lobby’s arguments; The source of our fireworks - how China’s supply is changing

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: The declining independent retailers are considered; Ian Williams remembers his early Bonfire Nights; Chris Pearce tells the early story of the Festival of Fireworks at Shugborough; Ian Craig concludes the story of his thirty six years in fireworks; John Bennett continues the memoirs of his fifties and sixties fireworks as The Smoke Clears; Martin Cummins considers Guy’s Fireworks, manufacturing jumping crackers and pull-crackers

It amuses and entertains you: Sturtz continues his ‘Leading Lights’ series - are you depicted? And provides one of his much-loved cartoons; Firework poetry from the Australian, Norm Kavanagh; Bill Davis provides his annual report of his competition judging and the Festival of Fireworks - copiously illustrated; Schoolboy series of the twenties describes how it used to be; Steve Humby’s rocket - and what’s that banger he loved? Hillingdon’s Armistice maroons

It provides the unusual: Doff Pollard outlines the joy and community involvement of the renowned Skinningrove Bonfire; Chris Hutchison peaks into the future of fireworks; Nina Cron explains what happened when her love for fireworks was re-kindled

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Pictures of Rainbow, Wessex, Standard, Pains, Astra, Brock’s fireworks of yesteryear

Contributing to this issue: Elaine Moore, Sturtz, John Bennett, Ian Williams, Stephen Miller, Andy Hubble, Chris Hutchison, Ron Lancaster, Norm Kavanagh, Scott Machin, Scott Pounder, Doff Pollard, Maria Barron, Bill Davis, Joanne Dwyer, Nina Cron, John Drewes, Chris Pearce, Ian Craig, Göran Svensson, Dick Budgen, Jon West, Cliff Stonestreet, Martin Cummins, John Lockwood, and Barry Sturman

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