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Why you can’t afford to be without the latest issue of Fireworks:

It covers the important firework issues: Yet another debate in response to an online petition - Elaine Moore considers it in detail; The Scottish enquiry considered; How REACH affects you; Retailing fireworks is not what it was; Ron Harris writes about the issues facing the firework fraternity

It delves into firework history: Barry Sturman starts a new series on Brock’s fireworks in Australia; Fireworks in Persia in 1890s; John Bennett considers fireworks in Campbelltown - Vulcan Fireworks

It covers the firework world: Maria Barron encounters similar firework issues in New Zealand to ourselves - but shop goods remain; Pyrotex continue to win plaudits in international competition

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: Shipping problems for importers, and improved safety procedures in China considered by Andy Hubble; Are the British Firework Championships in trouble? Chris Hutchison considers marketing in fireworks; Jon West writes on designing remotely switching set pieces; Clifford Stonestreet details what’s being done at the BPA; Firers’ course update

We remember those who will be sadly missed: Wilf Scott, Andrew Smiley, Peter Thorley, Larry Mattingly, Martin Blake and Richard Topping. Also Kimbolton Fireworks

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: Laurie Jackson considers his life in fireworks - with interesting illustrations; John Bennett continues the record of his love affair with British fireworks; Roy Mallinder records his pyrotechnic memories of working in the firework industry in the 1970s and 1980s

It amuses and entertains you: Sturtz continues his ‘Leading Lights’ series - are you depicted? And provides one of his much-loved cartoons; Coals to Newcastle - Mike Connor records his trip to set up Chinese fireworks - for the Chinese

It provides the unusual: A victory for native Americans over restrictive firework legislators; Shell record attempt failure; Chris Pearce continues his series on the Festival of Fireworks - now at Catton Hall; Jonathan’s Fireworks have reached their 20th year; Jon Culverhouse describes his part in My Brilliant Friend; Barry Sturman looks at the firecracker industry in Taipa; Matthew Tosh in going totally mental - a serious look at the mental problems encountered by fireworkers; John Lockwood considers Shakespeare and fireworks

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Pictures of fireworks of yesteryear: Lion; Wells’; Wilder’s; Standard; Brock’s; Benwell; Vulcan; Astra - and many more

Contributing to this issue: Elaine Moore, Sturtz, John Bennett, Laurie Jackson, Andy Hubble, Chris Hutchison, Scott Machin, Maria Barron, Chris Pearce, Mike Connor, Paul Mulvihill, Jon West, Clifford Stonestreet, Mick McManus, Rick Wilson, Jonathan Young, Jackie Mattingly, Jon Culverhouse, Roy Mallinder, Matthew Tosh, Hannah McKenzie, John Lockwood, and Barry Sturman

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