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Why you can’t afford to be without the latest issue of Fireworks:

It covers the important firework issues: Sainsbury’s hypocrisy revealed; Ron Lancaster reveals his sadness at having to leave Kimbolton; Chris Hutchison teaches us to look ahead into fireworks’ future; Bill Davis provides his look at the judging year - beautifully illustrated with pictures by P J Whitby, Tim Grevatt and Michael Turner; Developments in the Directory?

It delves into firework history: Kirsten Elliott recalls the pleasure gardens at Bath; Linda Smith looks at the origins of the Yorkshire firework industry; Harry Smee’s biography of Frank Brock is now available

It covers the firework world: Memories of fireworks in Sweden; Simon Harding describes events in Monaco; We learn, from Roth Meas of a Cambodian firework family; Scott Machin describes Pyrotex’s world events; Ian Cramman was taking pictures in Saudi Arabia for us

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: Fireworks in Scotland; Encyclopedic Dictionary of Pyrotechnics available on Fireworks website; Andy Hubble surveys the firework scene; Changes at the British Firework Championships at Plymouth; Clifford Stonestreet shows the value of the BPA, and its latest information; Mat Lawrence describes the building of a firing system ‘from the ground up’ - a history and developments in FireByWire; Jon West provides his regular technical article - this time on DBO4r 4 cue firing system

We remember those who will be sadly missed: Tributes to Wilf Scott; Remembering, too, Gordon Gumn and Cyril Stafford; Karl Mitchell-Shead describes his firework tribute to Wilf Scott

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: Ned’s Fourth of July Tree - from 1885

It amuses and entertains you: How fireworks made it rain - or possibly didn’t! We hear about a provincial lady’s fireworks

It provides the unusual: Blondin, revealed by John Lockwood as the Firework Man; Richard Graves wrote a firework piece in 1773; On the Fire Works: a firework poem in a book edited by James Boswell in 1749

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: The range of Universal Fireworks from the fifties; Joseph Wells firework tools; Seventies fireworks; Stan Johnstone shows us fireworks from the fifties onwards, including those Wessex wheels and Standard fireworks of all ages

Contributing to this issue: Goran Svensson, Geoffrey Leeder, L A France, Chris Pearce, Tony Naylor, Andy Hubble, John Lockwood, Ron Lancaster, Richard Graves, Clifford Stonestreet, Mat Lawrence, Simon Harding, Jon West, John Bennett, Rosamund Dashwood, Roth Meas, Linda Smith, Chris Hutchison, Scott Machin, Karl Mitchell-Shead, Bill Davis, P J Whitby, Michael Turner and Tim Grevatt

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