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Why you can’t afford to be without the latest issue of Fireworks:

It covers the important firework issues: Chris Hutchison warns us of the firework future if we are not wary; Could we be bombarded with illegal fireworks - we might be if the regulators have their way; COVID-19 and the problems it has caused; Outcomes of the ScotGov fireworks enquiry - and foolish mistakes; The transition from CE marking - Andy Hubble (back as Chair of BPA) investigates; Closer liaison between BPA and BFA

It delves into firework history: Samuel Pepys loved fireworks - we take a look at what he wrote; Barry Sturman returns to Brock’s adventure in Australia; The remarkable story of Hitt’s Fireworks is told by Donald G Hitt - the tale written in 1976 and published here for the first time. Barry Sturman gives background on the article. Beautifully illustrated

It covers the firework world: The Washington Monument - and more fireworks from John Lockwood; Ettore Contestabile returns to 1992 and the events leading up to the first International Symposium on Fireworks - stories here of Wilf Scott and Dennis Manochio; Maria Barron gives her regular update on what is happening in the firework world in New Zealand; Wilhelm Widenmann gives us a peep into his German firework memorabilia collection

If you use or trade in fireworks, it provides what you need to know: We are not the only ones under attack - it happens to most specialised hobbyists; Jon West revisits DB04r now that version 3 has appeared

It gives you a wallow in fireworks’ past: A great new series starts, written by Graham Wilkinson; Ron Lancaster tells how it all began for him in Huddersfield; Kevin Gillespie describes a letter written in 1884, describing a firework party

It amuses and entertains you: The court case in 1911 when Brock’s and Pain’s met head to head to dispute the right to name their companies ‘Crystal Palace Fireworks; A traditional Japanese Display - in Canada! Thomas M Wenke tells us all about it; Sturtz gives us a laugh with his cartoons; Darryl Fleming describes the New Year 2021 displays - all prepared in absolute secrecy - it’s a remarkable story

It provides the unusual: A remarkable cover designed by photographer Marcus Taylor and based on photography at Lewes; It’s been a strange year for Pyrotex and MLE have been organising fireworks despite the pandemic; Bolton-le-Sands will be going ahead - they issue an invitation to you; Ron Lancaster has received a copy of E V Lucas’ Fireside and Sunshine and extracted for us Lucas’ descriptions of Brock’s firework boxes in 1916

It gives you illustrated nostalgia: Standard set pieces and fireworks; Brock’s and Pain’s early memorabilia; Hitt’s Fireworks - preparing for displays - and Hitt’s historical firework labels; Brock’s fireworks from early last century

Contributing to this issue: Graham Wilkinson; Thomas M Wenke; Maria Barron; Scott Machin; Donald G Hitt; Chris Hutchison; Chris Pearce; Andy Hubble; Ron Lancaster; John Bennett; Barry Sturman; Jon West; Chris Sturtridge; Ettore Contestabile; Darryl Fleming; John Lockwood

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