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Celebration of 40 years of publication of Fireworks

The passing of Scottish legislation will mean the end of back garden fireworks in Scotland

Call for papers for International Symposium on Fireworks held, in 2023 in Malta

Fireworks featured on Have I Got News For You missing words round!

Issue 81 is now available and has been distributed to subscribers. Check and buy here

British Musical Fireworks Championship line up

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Overview and Full text of Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Bill

Fireworks editor's new book is now out

Line up for the British Firework Championships

Issue 80 is STILL AVAILABLE. See its contents and order here

Latest call for papers for IPSUSA

IPSUSA are determined to go ahead in 2022

TESA have informed us of a submission which they have submitted to DCMS and the Treasury at their request following a meeting with their officials

Also the advice TESA have received from a leading barrister following the Southampton Boat Show being stopped at the last minute. It provides some useful advice for how local authorities should deal with events

If you are missed 2020 Bonfire, why not visit Bristow Bonfire videos on YouTube

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Fireworks: publication and deadline dates

NEWS FEEDS (courtesy Epic Fireworks)

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Sad news of the liquidation of Britain's largest firework manufacturer

Government will not ban retail sale of fireworks

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You can buy beautiful colour display (images by world famous photographer) and (also in colour) nostalgia birthday and all-purpose cards here

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New material on the website illustrating firework advertisements through the ages. (See 'New additions' link)

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