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Cumulations programme complete

Issues 1-11 appear in new guise

October 2004

Twenty years and more ago, Fireworks was publishing what mattered then to the firework fraternity. What you are reading now is history but it was being written, not as history but as news and current information. What fireworks were we buying in the days when Britain still had a thriving firework manufacturing industry? How many Chinese goods were available at the time of issue 1 - none!

What were the conditions under which display operators were working? What were the origins of the British Standard and were we concerned then about its all too apparent faults? Well the answer is that we were concerned - but nothing was done about the major problems.

The reason for the publication of cumulative issues of early numbers of Fireworkswas the commonly held view that all issues should remain in print because Fireworks is a journal of record. What is the point of undertaking rigorous historical research if we cannot refer to the findings? In addition the early issues were products of their time - and that meant they were not type-set and they looked, frankly, amateurish. The cumulations bring the contents without the shabbiness, and add some totally new illustrations.

To consider the contents of these cumulations, click below:

Cumulation Issue One covered issues 1 to 3

Cumulation Issue Two covered issues 4 to 5

Cumulation Issue Three covered issues 6 to 7

Cumulation Issue Four covered issues 8 to 9

Cumulation Issue Five, the final issue, covered issues 10 to 11

But the programme does not end there. There will now be an effort to bring all the remaining, type-set, issues back into print.

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